Your Questions Answered: How to Find, Engage, and Measure the Impact of Influencers

By Cassie Grob

Influencer questions and answers

A May 2015 survey of marketing and communication professionals worldwide found that 84 percent expected to launch at least one campaign involving an influencer in the next 12 months. Looking at a Google trends graph for “influencer marketing” from January 2015 through May 2017, you’ll see a steady climb upwards. So great has that jump been since the survey was fielded that I would hedge my bets that influencer marketing is on the minds and tongues of nearly every marketer today.

However, with increased interest follows the inevitable questions of how to get started, what to look for, how to measure, show value, and more. This post will answer some of the questions I encounter most.

How do you typically find influencers? Is there a specific phrase you search for, or are there tools that help identify good candidates?

I’ve tried a few platforms that are focused on helping people find influencers, but I have yet to find a tool that replaces a good old Google search and a direct email. I typically work from the audience a client is trying to reach and sleuth out the biggest and best influencers in the space. Once I have that info, I start searching on the platform of focus (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to find other influencers similar to the big guns to vet.

Who are some great examples of influencers? How have they been so successful in bolstering both their name, and a business’s brand?

There’s quite a list and many are successful through business strategy: Think of them as entrepreneurs of the digital age. Here are some great examples from a few industries.

  • Science influencer: Who doesn’t want to become Smarter Every Day? Destin Sandlin, the man behind this YouTube channel, is a husband, father, and full-time engineer making some of the coolest science videos I’ve seen. He’s been doing this since his days at the University of Alabama and has interviewed President Obama and worked with the likes of BP. Working with Destin gains a brand access and exposure to his more than 4.9 million subscribers.
  • Travel/Photography influencer: No stranger to a “best of travel Instagram” list (you’ll find her on Frommer’s, The Everygirl, and more), Kirsten Alana reinvented herself and her day-to-day by pursuing a lifelong passion. Through hard work and tapping her amazing photography skills, she’s worked alongside CNN, Travel+Leisure, and was even the first photographer to travel around the world aboard Four Seasons’ private jet. The visual content she creates and audience of likeminded travelers is worth its weight in gold for brands who team up with her.

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