Your Email Marketing Data in 2018

By Dori-Jo Bonner

Customer Experience Circle

As we hit the final quarter of the calendar year, it’s time to start preparing for what next year will throw at us. There are always external factors to deal with and judging by the global craziness of the last months, we should all be preparing for a tumultuous 2018.

When it comes to email marketing, we know that customers change, legislation changes and expectations change, which makes it crucial to consider how your data strategy will address these changes.

Here are some of the key factors I think will impact your email marketing data next year

1. Higher expectations of customized experiences

As digital marketers, we have been talking about message customization for years. We recognize that a highly personalized message can boost engagement, improve brand loyalty and increase conversions.

This trend will continue into 2018, with the added expectation of even more customization of digital experiences. Hyper-personalization, omnichannel services (same personalized experience across all interactions) and cross-channel/media intersection (seamless transfer between channels/devices within a workflow) are all expected by the digitally-mature customer.

To achieve this, contextual data must be immediately available to all channels, such that each outbound message is highly customized and entirely relevant; the desired call-to-action can be via any channel the customer chooses; and the minute they engage, all other channels are aware of both the interaction and the outcome.

Millenials Circle

2. Millennials – unique expectations of the largest buying group

As a group, Millennials are the most informed and have the largest buying power in many industries. Unlike the generations before them, they are digital natives – they do not need to learn or adopt technology, it is simply part of their lives. Millennials not only purchase online, they also research, read reviews, compare prices and interact with suppliers via digital channels.

To capture this group, it’s obvious that suppliers must re-engineer how they position, market and sell products and services. But the hard work comes in retaining Millennials, who with so much information at their fingertips, tend to be less about loyalty and more about best product and price.

Retention of Millennials requires a strategy that delivers relevant and real value throughout the customer’s lifecycle. This can only be achieved by leveraging information on the customer’s preferences, lifestage and buying habits. Your data strategy in 2018 will be to identify what information you need at the most granular level, which will allow you to send the right offer at the right time through the right channel.

Big Data Circle

3. Big data – you could be sitting on a goldmine

For years now we have spoken about the value of big data, where and how to collect it, as well as how and when to use it. But very few organizations have actually succeeded in leveraging big data – there are so many challenges and they are on such a large scale. For many, big data has become known as ‘dark data’ – you might have it, but just can’t seem to make valuable use of it.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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