Your 6 crucial communication traits

By Sally Hogshead

What exactly makes people like you?

Or respect you?

Or pay more to work with you?

It’s simple:

You need to become so essential that you’re irreplaceable.

Once you’re distinct and essential to clients and co-workers, they’ll bend over backwards to work with you. They’ll pay more for your time, and take action on what you say.

Yet if you’re replaceable, watch out… that means you’re vulnerable. You won’t become irreplaceable if you’re all over the place, trying to please everyone.

After researching the communication patterns of 600,000 people inside companies from AT&T to Visa, my team and I have mapped out the qualities that make YOU irreplaceable.

Your 6 vital traits stem from your Fascination Advantage.

Find the 6 top vital traits of your Advantage, below:

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Source:: How To Fascinate

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