Yes, Education is The Way Forward

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No matter where you are in your career you know things.

You actually know a lot more than you think.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves for not knowing about X or Y or Z.

The fact is that we know so many things that if we wrote them all down we’d be writing for days.

But, what can you do when you are expected to know something new?

  • First, how do you know what you need to know?
  • Second, how do you learn when you need to know something new?

Good news … It’s easier than you think. And, you don’t need to spend 10,000 hours either.

For the first one the answer is often one of two things. Plus my personal favorite.

  • The first is … your manager, a company you want to work for, a team you want to join, etc. tell you or it’s clear you’ll need a skillset to be considered.
  • The second is … it’s your passion. Your passion can carry you a long way. As I wrote about in Stoke Your Passion and Elevate Your Career. Quite often we learn a lot of ancillary things as we pursue our passions. (What have you learned by chasing your passions? Share your thoughts in the comments.)
  • A third, and my personal favorite, is your curiosity got the best of you. Something piqued your interest and you decided to chase it down. On a very small note I used to always read with a dictionary next to me. Too often I’d end up reading the dictionary and forgetting about the book.

Unlike the 10,000 Hour Rule introduced by Malcolm Gladwell there are shortcuts and faster ways to learn things. Sometimes you don’t need to be a master of whatever the task at hand might be. Sometimes you just need proficiency.

As mentioned in the Stoke Your Passion and Elevate Your Career post you can have Temporary Passions (even if they are imposed by others) and can commit to spending 20 hours instead of 10,000 hours. Oftentimes, these mini-passions can be accomplished in 20 hours or less.

Pro Tip: Many recruiters often look for Passion Projects. They show what you are truly interested in doing.

Commit Yourself to Life Long Learning

You’ve heard it before. It’s not a new concept. Some of the greatest minds in history have been Life Long Learners.

When you commit yourself to Life Long Learning you will stand out in your career. Some might groan that they “still” need to learn stuff. And, there are times I can completely agree with this. However, in my case, I’ll usually find something that sparks an idea or receive an invitation to do something that I’ve wanted to try or perhaps never even considered.

Learning Experiences: Rock Climbing, Attending a TED Talk, Traveling to a Foreign Land

I’ve done all three of these (and survived) and was better for it. Of course, your experiences will be unique to you.

What If You Don’t Know Something?

Simple. Block out 40 minutes a day for one month. When you do this Go to the full article.

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