Writing a Resume For Job: What Are the Recruiters’ Expectations?

By Aashish Sharma

The Resume, Curriculum Vitae or CV presents itself as a true professional identity card. It allows you to meet in person your future employer in order to get the job of your dreams. Your resume can also make you a unique person in the eyes of employers. However, it is not enough to write it correctly. Your resume must be able to meet the diverse expectations of recruiters. So here are some parameters to take into consideration so that your CV quickly catches the attention of your future employer.

The CV (curriculum vitae) acts as a professional identity card with employers. Guarantee of seriousness and credibility of your application, it must make recruiters want to receive you in an interview. So, do not throw your head down in its drafting!

There are many ways you can showcase your skills, Ability, certification in your resume. It is always important to know how to write your resume. You might need to craft your resume differently for each job by keeping in mind, what are the expectation of company, Job profiles, etc.

The items reviewed by recruiters in your resume

Many companies today use a particular software for a quick selection of resumes. If you are considering sending an e-CV, make sure it does not contain any typographical errors. Also, highlight the keywords so that the software can quickly detect your resume.

Some recruiters prefer to sort out the applications they receive. In this case, the presentation is the first element that jumps to their eyes. It is therefore crucial that your CV is easy to read and well ventilated. Instead, rely on a simple, captivating form that is sophisticated in the presentation. By reading your text, the recruiter looks for the elements that enable him/her to know if your CV corresponds to the requested profile. To do this, it proceeds in the same way as a software based on the keywords. Apart from key phrases, it also evaluates your professional experience.

After the initial selection, the recruiter typically focuses on the applicant’s experiences based on the position he or she previously held. The ideal would be to provide some details about each of your experiences. If you are part of these young graduates, you can mention the theme of your thesis and the project you carried out during your studies in your CV.

What do recruiters check in your resume?

Before you meet, the recruiter checks if the diplomas you mentioned are in your possession. The dates of your professional experience, as well as the duration of the latter, also undergo a meticulous verification on its part. It can also conduct its own research to validate your information. Be aware that many methods allow recruiters to verify the truth of all the data on your resume. These include job interviews.

For the candidate, the job interview is the moment when he meets for the first time his future employer. But for the recruiter, this is an opportunity to check the information you have listed on your resume. It should be known Go to the full article.

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