Write a Killer Welcome Email to Increase Your Number of Repeat Customers

By Lianna Patch

Say you’re an ecommerce store owner who enjoys regular sales. What percentage of your customers have bought from you more than once?

If you’re like most owners, that number hovers right around “not enough” percent.

Me neither, Oprah!

And if you’re like virtually all ecommerce store owners, you’d like to see that number shoot up to 100%. After all, you probably know the old saying, “80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.”

There IS a way to bring buyers back for more, and it all starts in their inboxes.

Once their first purchase is complete, send your brand-new customers a welcome email or email series. Or, if you want to get fancy: a “post-purchase follow-up campaign”.

Let’s dig into what those emails should look like.

What’s a welcome email?

Now, when I talk about “welcome emails” and “welcome email series for ecommerce,” I’m NOT talking about transactional emails like receipts and shipping notifications. (Though there are plenty of ways to get repeat customers from receipt emails, too. It’s basically the whole reason Conversio was founded.)

I’m talking about the emails you send after the purchase cycle is complete. These are the emails that build your relationship with a first-time buyer, who’s just trusted you with his cash and his home address.

Creating a designated welcome email or series is a great way to ease first-time buyers into your email list, let them know what to expect, and let them reaffirm that they want to be there.

NOTE: At minimum, you should send at least one welcome email to new buyers before you roll them into your regular newsletter sending schedule. You can add more to the series later.

YET ANOTHER NOTE: Your post-purchase welcome email might well be the same as your “new signup email” (the one you send to subscribers, not necessarily buyers, who sign up to hear from you on your site).

That’s perfectly fine! But in the interest of increasing return buyers, we’re going to focus on the welcome email as a post-purchase follow-up today.

4 ways to build momentum toward the next purchase in your welcome email

  1. Welcome customers to a community
  2. Recommend other products they might like
  3. Offer a discount
  4. Introduce the makers or tell your origin story

1. Welcome customers to a community

The psychology of belonging has been widely researched. Let me sum it up for you: People like to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

And while you probably won’t build a whole new religion based around your products, you CAN build a community of repeat customers with the right welcome email.

There are a few ways to make your welcome emails feel more, well, welcoming.

One excellent thing to do? Tell the customer what they can expect in future emails, and when to expect those emails.

Purple, a mattress company, sends an upbeat email that celebrates new subscribers and previews the content they’ll be sending out:

When your customer reads language like “What can you expect in return?” they subconsciously make a choice. They can decide to unsubscribe now, if they don’t see the value Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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