Why Your Business Needs The Facebook Pixel

By Mike Brooks

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If you don’t know what the Facebook Pixel is or just have not yet installed it, this case study is for you.

And if you’re already running Facebook ads WITHOUT having the Pixel installed, you’re wasting a lot of time, effort and money. This blog post could be the most important one you could read. I’m going to show you how to lower your ad cost and get shockingly better results.

The good news here is the Pixel is really easy to install, won’t cost you anything and you don’t even need to do a a Facebook ad to make it work.

Whether you’re doing ads yet or not, I can’t think of a more important thing for you to do right now than get the Pixel installed. This blog post will illustrate why. By the end of this I am pretty confident you’ll agree.

For help getting the Pixel setup, you can grab my quick-start guide free. Just click here to download.

The further away from the sale, the more expensive it is to get people to take action

The colder the prospect, the harder they are to convert into a paying customer. You probably spend more money trying to get a cold prospect than on any other advertising you can do.

The warmer the prospect gets, the easier and more cost effective it is to convert them. The activities you can take to get in touch with a warm prospect are by far the easiest and cheapest you can find.

The most expensive ads are to cold leads

So it’s always surprising to me that people spend more time, effort and dollars trying to bring in a cold prospect than just reaching back out to a warm one. The warm one should be much more interested in your service or product.

The more the prospect knows you, the more likely they are to buy. So it makes perfect sense that you need to:

Put your message back in front of someone who visited your website

The Facebook Pixel allows you to:

  • Track people who visit your website (You cannot see their data and it is not used by Facebook in any other way)
  • Show them ads in their Facebook news feed to get them back
  • Optimize your ads for conversions

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel is a little piece of code that is placed in the header of your website. It is invisible to the person visiting your page. But it then can advertise to that person if they are a Facebook user. These types of ads are called Re-Targeted ads.

Someone visits your site but doesn’t take action and now you can follow them around Facebook reminding them about your offerings.

Here’s A Real Life Case Study

In the example below, I visit the Home Depot website. I am about to “Dethatch” my front lawn because it’s covered in moss. (By the way… in retrospect I really wish I hired someone to do it. Boy did this suck!)

Knowing what I need, I shop around. Starting with HomeDepot.com

I use a Chrome Browser Go to the full article.

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