Why You Should Put Real Life Case Studies on Your Site

By Michael Wight

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When it comes to online marketing, people need real figures. Nobody is going to hire your services just because you tell them you’re good. They need solid figures that are real and reliable.

The best option that a company has is to put up case studies based covering clients they have handled. Check out the likes of Neil Patel, you will see him mentioning real examples in him blogs and videos. This is because people find it easier to connect to what you’re saying when you quote real stories. Also, try to use names that are known.

Most successful online marketing firms have a case study section on their sites, however sadly a number of online marketers do not know how to write such case studies.

While they might be good at what they do – that is to help your website rank better – they do not know how to mention success stories in the form of a case study.

How To Write a Good Case Study

It is all about answering questions and telling readers how you reached to your goal, i.e: how you helped your client gain more audience or profit, whatever the aim was.

Now you start telling your story in a positive manner. Firstly, you think of a title that attracts visitors. The title should tell users how you helped your client gain a certain advantage. For example, ‘How We Helped ABC Company Increase Its Profits By 100% In Six Months.”

The title is clearly telling the user what you achieved. If a user is interested in getting similar results, i.e: increase profits he would click on the research paper or case study to know more.

Once you get a user to click on a link, you win half the battle. However, now you have to convince the user of your abilities. You must tell user that you can do the same thing for him as the user is going to judge your abilities based on this case study.

The most important thing here is to be true to your audience. Start by telling your starting position and step by step highlight how you reached the final position. However, there is no need to let the cat out of the bag.

You do not have to share your secret formula or strategy. For example, if you used PPC to achieve good results, you can mention that PPC was used, but you do not have to share more details. This is because you want customers to buy your services and not to manage things on their own.

In the end, a call to action is also very important to make sure the client does not forget the purpose of reading the case study, and comes back to you. Highlight how you can help your client achieve similar or even better results so that the client gets in touch with you. Check this guide on writing effective CTAs.

This technique has been proven to work. Case studies are basically a type of Go to the full article.

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