Why You Should Invest In a writer

By Beth Walker


As a football coach my husband often encounters students want to pursue coaching as a career. When they ask for advice he begins by asking “Why do you want to coach?”. This is followed by the question “Is there anything else in the world you would rather do than coach?” If the answer is yes he almost always suggests they pursue the other option. This might lead you to think that he hates his career choice, but it’s just the opposite. 18 years of experience has only increased his love of the game and challenged him to strive to be the best coach on and off the field he can be. But, even with his successes, our lifestyle has its challenges.

In fact, most coaching families will tell you it is a sacrifice to continue. The thing about sustaining a football career is that you have to love what you do, because if you don’t, you will quit or burn out when the road gets bumpy. A coach can’t help but coach. It’s just who they are. When you encounter an excellent coach you will realize their passion for developing and challenging athletes to performing at the best of their ability goes beyond the scoreboard.

As a business owner you can probably relate to my husband. You know that even a bumpy road won’t deter you from pursuing your passion when you have the right why. When your business is about more than just making a lot of money you know success is achieved when your product or service helps people as it has been created to do. Unfortunately business passion doesn’t always translate to reaching the customers you need to reach in order to sustain things. That is where expanding your client reach comes in.

Having a business blog is a proven technique to increase your reach. A blog attached to your business website enables you to have an ongoing conversation with your clients and potential clients. I love this Hubspot blog which highlights many of the business benefits of having a blog.

Just because you agree you should have a blog for your business doesn’t mean you are the person to execute things. Not everyone loves writing, nor has the time to create quality content. Blogging is just like coaching or owning a business. If you don’t love creating blog content that helps your business, it is going to cause you frustration and headaches, and as a business owner you have plenty of those already.

Delegation is something we all do. Just like any other aspect of your business, your blog needs to be delegated to the right person, or it’s not going to be the effective tool you desire.

So, what do you do when you want the benefits of blogging without pulling your hair out? You invest in a team member with a passion for writing. Whether someone is willing to claim the title “writer” or not, there are attributes someone who blogs or writes has that are unique. Having Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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