Why You Should Be Repurposing Content

By Lori Highby

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There is a huge misconception about content and that it is strictly you write it up, put it out to the world once and you are done with it. NO! The content you produce should not be one and done. Leverage that information repeatedly. There is nothing wrong with reposting a tweet or continually sharing a piece of information on your LinkedIn page.

Why should you repurpose content?

Depending on what social channel you are posting information on, you will likely have a new set of eyes seeing the content that you are posting with each version of your post.

Repetition is important to get the message across to your audience. You’ve heard it before, someone needs to see or hear your message at least 3 times before it starts to click.

The magic formula for repurposing your content.

How nice would it be if you only created one primary source of content and were able to repurpose that piece into 40 – 50 pieces of content. Here’s the recipe we use at Keystone Click:

We record a podcast or produce a video. The audio from this original content is then transcribed and converted into a blog post. That blog post is drafted into 10 different tweets that we share in a continuous loop on Twitter. We are also sharing that blog post on our LinkedIn business with two individualized posts and Facebook business page in two different posts.

In addition, we are crafting a post on LinkedIn that supports the highlights of the podcast. Once that post is published, we are repeating the formula of crafting 10 tweets from the highlight posted on LinkedIn.

There are several different tools online that can convert your podcast or blog post into a video, that you can then share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create videos that use lenticular text, highlighting the top five profound statements from the podcast. For example, from this specific blog post, I would create a lenticular text video (shown below) that reads:

“One post equals over 50 pieces of content.”

Let’s add up the numbers to show you that this is possible:

Content Piece #s
Podcast 1
Blog Post 1
LinkedIn Post 9
Tweets 20
Facebook Posts 9
YouTube Video 5
Instagram 5
Total 50

Podcasting is not the only option as a starting point for your sourced content. Consider other materials that you’ve created where you can easily repurpose the content into additional posts:

Webinars – Host an amazing webinar, record the content, convert that into a blog post, LinkedIn post, YouTube video, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. Before you know it, your one webinar is now high-powered amazing content that will keep pushing out juicy advice to your audience.

Case Studies – Have you invested the time into drafting case studies for your Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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