Why Would You Choose Topical Content Over Evergreen Content?

By Greetje den Holder

In April, I called evergreen content a magical piece of content that continues to drive traffic to your site. My assumption was that every marketer or entrepreneur wants to write high-quality content that can converse readers into buyers and continues to do so. I was a little surprised to find some authors describing topical content as a great way of driving traffic to your website. I am ready to learn every day, so I want to explore the concept here.

In this blog, you will find explanations of what evergreen content and topical content are. You will also find ways in which topical content and evergreen content are useful.

What is evergreen content?

As described in my blog ‘How to Write Evergreen Content,’ evergreen content is high-quality, useful content that is relevant to readers for a long period of time, which means that this content means something to a visitor who found the post the day it was published and to a visitor who reads it six months later. It has continued, sustained success.

Kevan Lee explains: “Couple amazing content with timelessness, and you start to see the value of evergreen. Traffic, engagement, and conversions do not just peak once and then trail off. They grow over time. The timelessness of evergreen content ensures that it stays relevant. The high quality of evergreen content ensures that it gets traffic.”

Evergreen marketing

Evergreen content is the foundation of evergreen marketing, which is, according to Marketing Artfully “implementing the marketing concepts and practices that transcend the latest fad and providing long lasting, duplicable expertise, which will work across a variety of marketing platforms and mediums.” The site lists four concepts of evergreen marketing: great branding, your logo, your keywords, and your products. My blog ‘The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Marketing for Entrepreneurs’ explains the concept in detail and provides you with many, many tips, including 49 blogging ideas.

Requirements evergreen content

What are the requirements to make content evergreen? According to Studyweb.com, content is evergreen if:

  1. the content is highly ‘Google-able’; it should answer common questions that are constantly relevant to searchers
  2. the content is interesting long past its publication date
  3. the content can pull in traffic consistently over months or years


  1. the content lacks an expiry date

Studyweb.com highlights that evergreen content bolsters Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps with link building and ensures Google sees your blog as a source of quality information. Why would you not want that?

What is topical content?

AtomicReach.com describes topical content as something related to the current developments in your industry. It is usually advanced, up-to-date, and relevant for the customers that are fairly experienced and well-versed with your industry. When you create topical content, it helps your savvy audiences make a better marketing or purchasing decision. They warn that topical content can seem complicated and hard to digest to new users though. Their examples of topical content include blog posts Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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