Why Should You Monitor Your Sales Reps’ Calls?

By Dan Sincavage

“We have two ears and one mouth, so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” – Epictetus, Greek philosopher

Call monitoring is possibly one of the best tools that you have as a sales manager. It comes with your CRM integration, and can be done during a call or using a recording of the actual call. The goal is to listen in, assess and correct – and here, we are not just referring to your sales rep.

Monitoring phone calls is not just about keeping an eye on your rep’s work practices and communications skills. Call monitoring benefits your entire business, and can be the catalyst for change.

Benefits of Monitoring Phone Calls 1: For Sales Managers

An immediate benefit of monitoring phone calls is that you get to listen in to your reps as they try to connect with your potential customers. You get a feel of this “intangible” – a key driver in your sales success that is hard to measure. Good relationships are the foundation of a business’ success. When you monitor calls, you can see these relationships develop, or crash and burn.

Of course, monitoring phone calls is a time-consuming task. A sales manager can only do so much in a day, on top of other responsibilities. The best strategy here is to target outliers, or reps who are on top of their game and those who are underperforming.

The take-away from targeted call monitoring is a better understanding of high-yield behaviors. These are behaviors that nurture business relationships, reduce customer attrition rates and encourage customer loyalty. According to Martin Hill Wilson, Director of BrainFood Consulting: “The more that we understand about the detail of the behavior, the more we are able to help people change their own behaviour.”

When you understand these behaviors and know what works, you can then help underperformers do better. Here are a few high-yield behaviors you need to take note of:

  • Script adherence
  • Net promoter score (willingness of customers to recommend your business) techniques
  • Better call handling time and skills
  • Ability to reverse customer attrition
  • Conversational techniques

Call recording is another key CRM integration feature that works hand-in-hand with call monitoring. You can use the recording feature to save outstanding calls, or calls that applied your department’s best practices. Use these calls as training aid to improve your team’s performance. Take note of language and techniques that have consistently received positive responses, and then use these to update your scripts and procedures.

Benefits of Monitoring Phone Calls 2: For Sales Reps

One of the first things that you should let your team know when monitoring phone calls is that it is not about catching them mess up. Call monitoring shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. In fact, it should be integral to your team’s skills development, and approached as a collaborative task, with input from both manager and rep. A sales agent has a lot to gain from call monitoring.

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