Why Facebook and Instagram are the Best Places to Pay For Ads

By Adam Baetu

Due to the declining reach of free social media marketing, an increasing number of companies are looking into paid advertising. Some will be looking for the best platforms to use for their very first campaigns, while others will be looking for the most effective places to spend their money as they increase their budget for paid social media ads in 2017.

So, where should you put your social media spend? Facebook is the biggest player in terms of digital advertising, with its social ads revenue exceeding $6.8 billion in the third quarter of 2016 alone. Here’s why you should choose it, and its relatively recent acquisition Instagram, for your paid social advertising campaigns.

The two platforms are connected
Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, and since then has been integrating the photo sharing platform into Facebook. The two still operate as separate platforms and retain their own unique qualities, but crucially for advertisers – they are connected in a number of very useful ways. Marketers can save time and make the best use of unique content by creating social ads for Instagram using Facebook’s Ad Manager. This compatibility between platforms makes it easier for advertisers to launch, manage and track cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram have impressively high daily user figures
If you’re choosing where to spend your money on social advertising, you need to go where the largest number of your customers are. As of a report in October 2016, Facebook had around 1.13 billion active daily users while Instagram had 300 million – although the latter is also boasting some of the fastest growing user numbers compared to any other platform.

These platforms prioritise the visual
If you have stunning visuals to accompany your campaign, Facebook and Instagram are the very best platforms to showcase them. Users respond well to emotive visuals, high resolution inspiring imagery and engaging videos, which means that amazing visual content can be extremely effective on these platforms.

Facebook offers the best ROI
Research undertaken in 2016 revealed that the majority of social media marketers worldwide believe that Facebook delivers the best return on investment compared to other platforms. A massive 95.8% said that Facebook offered the best ROI for social media ad spending, with 40.1% naming Instagram as the best for ROI.

Why does this platform deliver such impressive return compared to its social rivals? One of the main reasons is that even paid advertising can generate further organic reach. Facebook advertisers can capitalise on the fact that its users care what their friends like, think, buy and do. Someone who likes your ad may share it with their friends, and their Facebook friends will see it anyway in their news feeds. This gives your ad a much-needed dose of personal interest, with your brand being involved with someone else’s story and experiences – this can be far more powerful than a brand simply trying to sell a product.

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Source:: Business2Community

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