Why Every Project Manager Should Try Yoga

By Lily Zhang

Project Management Yoga

Since my first yoga class, I’ve been so grateful that I discovered this ancient activity and philosophy. Through breathing and posing practices, I have become much calmer, especially when I’m under stress.

I also came to an understanding that yoga is truly for everyone: each one of us is able to find our inner peace and strength. In fact, over the past two years I have convinced many of my friends to join the yoga community, all of whom have experienced the benefits yoga brings.

Yet, when I started to write for Capterra’s project management blog this summer, it still surprised me when I realized how much project management relates to yoga practice. These two subjects share so many connections that I believe every project manager could benefit both personally and professionally from practicing yoga.

Doubts? Questions? Hesitations? Let me tell you the top five lessons I learned from yoga that are absolutely essential to every project manager.

1. Set an intention

Each yoga class starts with a few minutes of breathing practice; the instructor might ask you to bring your awareness inside and set an intention for the day’s practice. Your intention could be someone or something that you want to send your love to, such as yourself, your families and friends, or your pets and plants. It could also be something you want to cultivate yourself, like patience or positivity. No matter what it is, it is a powerful act to motivate your body and mind so that you can keep your effort focused throughout the practice.

Setting an intention is also very important for project managers to plan and execute any project. In reality, a project might have multiple objectives, so it’s even more important to clearly state each one and develop effective metrics. This way, team members can direct their efforts to the desired outcomes and achieve better performance.

2. Keep the big picture in mind

If you ask your yoga instructors how long it will take until you get a six-pack you probably will be disappointed. Because unlike other types of workouts, yogis do not worship a “perfect” body image; rather, yoga focuses on connecting the mind and body together so that the whole body can move coordinately.

Project managers should also focus on the whole of a project. As business problems become more and more complicated, you need to zoom out from the minute detail to see the big picture. Stubbornly focusing on the details will likely waste your time and energy that you could otherwise use to think about the difficult, high-level questions.

3. Breathe through change

We have all experienced change in our lives; it might be as complicated as a new job or a breakup; or as simple as your favorite cafe no longer making your usual breakfast croissant. No matter what it is, most of the time, change is not welcomed: it breaks the pattern we are used to and brings stress to our body. What’s worse, due to our inability to think clearly under stress, when Go to the full article.

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