Why Enterprise Ecommerce is Moving to SaaS: 16 Examples from Toyota to Camelbak

By Tracey Wallace

Enterprise brands earning more than $50 million in annual revenue are no longer strapped to expensive site launches to support businesses initiatives.

The retail space is competitive and ever-changing. No one wants to be held to a 12-month launch timeline costing half a million dollars or more for an ecommerce campaign, B2C site or employee site.

That’s why dozens of enterprise brands at the leading edge of technology are choosing SaaS –– specifically, BigCommerce –– to power new ecommerce initiatives and stay competitive in a quick-to-innovate market.

“We’re seeing a trend with large brands leveraging SaaS ecommerce platforms to design shopping experiences in a fraction of the time and cost as legacy systems without compromising requirements.

These shopping experiences vary from creating unique direct to consumer shopping channels on social media to custom purchasing portals that serve a B2B customer segment. This is all representing a shift in approach, ‘Agile Commerce’, that brands are taking in order to keep pace with rapidly evolving customer needs.

We’re excited because the BigCommerce Enterprise platform is uniquely positioned to support large brands’ unique challenges of being agile while meeting enterprise requirements of performance, security and flexibility at scale.” –– Daniel Townsend, Founding Partner, The Plum Tree Group

Here are the top 7 ways enterprise brands are getting SaaS on their approved vendor list to increase campaign revenue, sell additional inventory and launch brand innovation initiatives on time and under budget.

Direct-to-Consumer Deployments

Legacy B2B and wholesale brands are needing to launch additional B2C channels to harness consumer fanfare around their product.

With B2B still priority for the business, these B2C sites must be cost-effective, meet modern UX standards and pass procurement’s strict requirements for stability and security.

See how these 8 enterprise brands make this work.


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Paul Mitchell


Ben & Jerry’s

Streamlined B2B Ecommerce

As the new generation of buyers ages into management positions, more and more B2B customers are wanting to buy online –– and expecting the same B2C UX experience they get elsewhere.

This market is expected to account for $6.7 trillion by 2020 –– 27% of all B2B sales.

For Koch Industries’ Georgia Pacific brands, BigCommerce is the solution of choice for a portal-restricted site that allows fast and convenient B2B purchasing of their Bleached Board cardboard.

Franchise Stores

Delaware North is one of the U.S.’s largest umbrella brands. Headquartered in Buffalo, the company operates in the lodging, sporting, airport, gaming and entertainment industries, employing more than 55,000 people worldwide and generating over $2.6 billion in annual revenue.

Each of Delaware North’s individual brands operates as a franchise establishment, with local management and brand rules. However, top-flight technology spans their catalog. Multiple of Delaware North’s franchise operations –– including the Carolina Panthers and the Grand Canyon’s merchandise store –– use BigCommerce to power their fan Go to the full article.

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