Why Does Your CEO’s Story Matter?

By Dave Sutton

What is your Brand Story?

Let the CMO and the marketing team figure out the story. Right?

Many CEOs don’t spend much time thinking about their brand story. As a CEO, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day fires that need fighting- it’s why we hire a marketing team.

We talk about the 6-Second brand story often at TopRight because storytelling is at the core of Transformational Marketing. Earlier this month, I shared a guest post for YPO, a global community of executives, about the importance of crafting a compelling brand story that can be communicated in just six seconds.

We have about a six-second window for making a connection and giving our customers and audience a reason to care, a reason to want to learn more, and a reason to engage further with your brand. If that connection is lost in those first few seconds, then it is really lost, and they are most likely not coming back. During those six seconds, your story will be judged from the perspective of your customer through the lens of simplicity, clarity and alignment.

Your story has 6 seconds to give someone a reason to care- or your audience, the people who could potentially be buying and advocating for your product or service, are moving on.


Your CMO should certainly be focused on your brand story—the “why” behind your business—as in why your customers should care about your story. But true Transformational Marketing runs deeper than just telling people what they want and need to hear.

As we mentioned above, your story will be judged from the perspective of your customer through the lens of simplicity, clarity and alignment. Your brand story has to make a simple and clear promise, but in order for that experience to be transformational- every possible customer touchpoint needs to be in alignment.

Alignment is what creates that authenticity that every marketer craves to create. As a CEO, you have to ask yourself, “How can my business achieve alignment across sales, marketing, product, and financial teams when the top executive isn’t on board?”


The smartest CEOs have their personal six-second brand story buttoned up in a way that aligns back to their company’s (or companies’- see Elon Musk) story. An effective CEO story reflects their leadership style, as well as the values and culture of the company they run. Ultimately, when your brand is aligned from the very top, it creates a more authentic experience for the customer and gives them a more powerful reason to care, a reason to buy, and a reason to stay.

Here are a few things to consider as you go about building your personal brand as a CEO:

Authenticity is Key

Disclaimer: This is the CEO’s story. In no way should this be an exercise for marketing to try to spin some narrative of who the CEO is. A personal brand is just that- personal.

As a CEO, this shouldn’t be a hard exercise. We covered exactly how to create a remarkable Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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