Why Do Companies Screw Their Best Customers?

By Tom Martin

Oculus Rift Early Adopter Promotion

Yesterday I received an email from Oculus that really pissed me off. The email invited me (an early adopter of the technology) to share the gift of VR. It went on to inform me that for a “limited time” Oculus was selling a package of one Rift + two Touch Controllers for only $399… almost exactly 50% off what I had paid for those two items about a year ago. And my initial reaction was What The F#ck!

Dance With The One That Brung You

So those of you that know me might know that I can be a little feisty… maybe I have a shorter temper than most, but that’s not the cause of my response. I was just completely flabbergasted that a company would go out of its way to inform me, an early adopter that waited months for my delayed Rift and then another six months to get the Touch Controllers, that bought the tech sight unseen or tested, and who then went on to demo the technology for friends and clients whenever I got the chance, would be insulted in this manner by the very company I had supported.

In short, I was a Social Agent for Oculus. I had shelled out top dollar for the product, spent thousands more building a computer that could handle the hardware and in general, doing everything that Oculus and/or Facebook could ever want of an early adopter.

And this is how they thank me? Not only do the slash the price 50% because their sales are pacing way behind projection and they’re getting their ass kicked by the competition, but then they ASK ME to market this promotion to my friends, family and colleagues.

Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Who thought this wouldn’t piss off a current customer? Who thought I’d want to tell my friends, “hey I was dumb enough to pay twice as much as you will, but dude…. got get this now!” and feel perfectly good about it?

Honestly, the only thing that makes sense to me is that Facebook / Oculus must have hired a marketing director from one of the big wireless service providers — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint.

ATT iPhone7 Offer

I mean THAT would make perfect sense. Those companies have been dissing their current customers in favor of winning new customers for years. That’s why I as a loyal AT&T customer (who has put up with some seriously horrendous issues/service, etc., over the years) have to pony up $800 for my new iPhone 7 but you, as long as you’re porting over from another provider, get yours free with unlimited data as long as you’re a DirecTV customer.

Maybe it’s just how I was raised but I think you have to reward the folks that helped you get where you are today vs trying to get new folks to help you get where you want to go tomorrow. Hence the subhead above.

Your First Ten

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