Why Did Social Media Become So Anti-Social? STOP IT!

By Brian Basilico

I want to start off with a story. I’ve been a musician pretty much all my life. As a matter of fact, at 10 years old, I started taking guitar lessons from a colonel at West Point Military Academy. We lived very close. My dad worked at the hotel there, which was on the base. He’s a vet, but he was working for AT&T in their training division at the time. My first guitar teacher wanted us to learn the E string and the A string and the D string and the G string and the B string and the E string. It’s like, “Learn these strings. Learn all the notes.” Three weeks into lessons, I came in and said, “Hey, check out these chords. If you play them in order, you can do House of the Rising Sun.” I got kicked out of class really quickly. It’s like, “Son, this is not going to work.”

RIP Mel Pokorny

In 1980-1981, after I graduated from high school, I auditioned for this band. It had many different names: Promise, Force Of Habit, and others. The drummer, Don Pokorny, who is a really good friend, was the true force of the band. We’ve stayed friends forever. He had all the rehearsals at his house. All the equipment and PA was stored there. It was probably a half hour drive from where I lived. His parents were deeply involved in this band. As a matter of fact, his mother called herself the manager, but she was more like a den mother from Boy Scouts or something like that. She was such a sweetheart. His dad was involved in it, too. They are such sweet people. His mom is still alive, but unfortunately, Don told me yesterday that his dad passed away.

He sent me a text message and said, “Before you see it on Facebook, I wanted to let you know upfront.” That was such a nice gesture because I had a chance to actually see it before it got on Facebook. I’m sure his mom is heartbroken, and I know all the things that have to happen. It’s tough losing a parent. I’ve lost both of mine, but things change when you post any news on Facebook. Things change. The question I have for you is, when did social media become so anti-social?

When Did Social Media Get So Anti-Social?

Today, I want to discuss three things that I’d like you guys to consider not doing anymore, because it has turned very divisive. Yes, the country and really anything online has just become very split on the way that people think. Now, I get that. I posted a simple little thing the other day, after the Charlottesville massacre, which is what I call it, because somebody died. I don’t care what you believe in — gun rights, all that other stuff — whatever. All I did was express that I was sickened. That was it. What happened? I got a handful of people Go to the full article.

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