Why Branding Influences

By Jason Davis

Several years ago Facebook pages were called “Fan” pages. Each person that liked your page, was a fan. Though confusing for some, for marketing it was a great way to look at people that love your brand. Additionally, its a great way to see the brand influencing people. You see, fandom is a real thing, and that interest once attained can be lost, squandered or misused. Meaning it’s used for manipulation not genuine likability, or appreciation.

Why Does Branding Influence?

Simply put, branding Is Eyes On You. Unfortunately, often times branding is about as neglected as SEO or the quality of a well designed and structured website. That’s why today we have new job positions of Digital Strategists, Brand Managers, and Web Architects. Sometimes these folks may be referred to as Full Stack Designers or even Marketers. Then again, maybe I’m using fancy words, again. It’s weird times we live in. Truth is, for your brand, you have to have a strategy to capture attention.

Protip: The more amount of people looking equals the more they click thru. Thus, traffic to your site can equal potentially good SEO. Remember, SEO as it stands today is much bigger than just keywords on a page.

With emphasis being getting people to “look over there”, it’s crucial to have something for them to look over there and see. Not just fancy or fun content, but quality and memorable content. Top of mind is a fancy term that tells those of us new to this that we need to make sure we are thought of first for that service or purchase. Not the other guys.

With a strategy in place and monthly services keeping it fresh and with new content, you’ll not waiver too much in your attempts to get the looks you want.

Below is our brands review from Facebook. Most people wouldn’t share such things, but I’m more inclined to in order to prove a point.

The “reach” is the eyes on the brand. Now the drop is due to internal focus. We’re busy on a few outside projects and didn’t mind the house. Think of the old adage of the cobbler’s son has no shoes. Thus, the drop from 2,249 eyes, to 1,675 in the last week.

Engagement could always be better, but staff focus is not there right now. Having dedicated people on your brand is required, and in house.

Then why hire an agency?

Professionals that work on Social Media Marketing are skilled at how to use the networks. Its bigger than having an online profile and a phone. The exception is those few that have posted something and went viral. But not all brands are going to happen like that.

Agencies can “wire” it all up, and find the best times and audience to post to. For more on that we have other posts covering it, and our podcast Nerd Brand talks about Social Media a bit too on this. [link to article or embed podcast episode]

Increasing Engagement

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