Why And How You Should Switch Your Brand To Instagram Business Profile

By Sahail Ashraf

Why And How You Should Switch Your Brand To Instagram Business Profile

Instagram has consistently proven to be a major tool for brands. There are a number of reasons for this. For a brand to really have a large amount of success though, it’s important that there is a clear understanding of what an Instagram Business Profile can do.

Some brands still didn’t switch their Instagram presence into Business Profiles, and this directly affects their growth on the platform. We’re going to take a look at what an Instagram Business Profile is and why your clients should have one.

Reasons why you should switch to a Business Profile

The big reason for having a business profile on Instagram boils down to one thing: access.

Prior to the introduction of business profiles, anyone wanting to contact a business outside of Instagram would have to quit the app and go to a brand’s website.

This of course provides the possibility for frustration and/or lack of interest. An Instagram Business account takes care of this by providing a ‘contact’ button on the screen.

It may seem like a small thing, but having that quick and simple access makes a huge difference to a business.

Instagram contact button

More benefits: Analytics, links and paid advertising

Instagram is a great way to build engagement for your brand. That’s understood. But if you have more than a few thousand followers, Instagram‘s business solution makes more sense. The business set up allows you to interact with and learn more about your followers.

Essentially, a business profile allows a brand to access more marketing tools, support tools and access to a wide range of new analytics. And if you have plenty of followers (and you’re not a movie star) then it makes sense to use the platform for marketing.

Any business that wants to have an Instagram profile is generally looking at engagement potential. The Instagram Business profile allows brands to run ads via the app. This is a real plus for any brand, and the ease of use makes it well worth looking at.

But taking that even further, you can also promote posts from inside the app. This is again incredibly easy, and the mobility aspect means that you can literally fit in post promotion throughout your day. Just like boosting a Facebook post, it is a quick way to reach and engage people.

Instagram Advertising

Another key aspect of Instagram for Business is the ability to link to Instagram Stories. It’s an extra marketing channel for a brand, and, if done sensibly, should ramp up marketing efforts quite quickly.

Your clients benefit

We’re assuming that you are running Instagram accounts for clients right now, and you’ve been doing it for some time. The business account thing, if you haven’t tapped into it, can only reinforce the good work what you’re doing.

Looking at the general view on the platform, it’s clear that Instagram is currently a huge draw for audiences. It’s visual, and it allows for a higher level of interaction.

But there is one key reason for grabbing an Instagram Business Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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