Why a Website Audit is So Important

By Susan Gilbert

Why Website Audit is Important: Fresh Look At Website Through an Audit

Take A Fresh Look At Your Website Through an Audit

Your website is one of the most valuable online properties your business has!

Have you taken the time to look at it and perform a thorough website audit recently?

You might be surprised to learn that by doing so you can greatly improve your search engine ranking and improve your subscriber rates and sales.

Marketing and social media alone are not enough to maintain a strong presence on the Internet — although these are still very essential to building visibility.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website then it’s time to take a look at what’s working and what’s not in today’s mobile-driven online world.

It only takes a new visitor just a few seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave. This means you need to capture their attention right from the start with eye catching content and graphics.

There are several ways you can audit your website and fine-tune your pages in order to stand out online.

Come to your website like a visitor

Take a fresh look by visiting your landing page as if it were for the first time and that will be the first point of discovery of the user experience. Take note of the speed of the page load, how easy the content is to read, the graphics being used, and how responsive it is on mobile devices. Subscribe through your opt-in box and double check your links to ensure that new leads are taken to the correct pages. Follow the entire email sequence and track whether your messages are timely, relevant, and correct. Often we can “set it and forget it” while missing out on valuable prospects if we’re not checking in every few months.

Check all of your content links

When you take a look at your email process and website content you will want to double check that all of your links are in working order and whether any of them have been outdated. For your website in particular you may have expired or removed backlinks, which can be run through a web developer or online software program. This may take some time to evaluate with a little cost, but will greatly improve your website’s speed and help move up your ranking on Google.

Optimize images and plugins

Another factor that slows down websites are too many large sized images and outdated plugins. You can optimize your graphics for faster loading, and replace any old plugins or update the ones you have installed in order to remove errors and lag times. Check out the latest WordPress image optimizer plugins to accomplish this or visit this resource on Mashable to download free software.

Make sure it’s a mobile-friendly

I’ve mentioned this earlier before, but it’s worth reiterating again. Most consumers these days are searching and shopping right from their smart phones — bottom line is that your website needs to be easy to find and navigate or your visibility will become almost nothing. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins Go to the full article.

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