Which Popular Sales Methodology Is Right For You?

By Maria Waida

Whether you’re a first-time sales manager or an experienced pro, figuring out which sales methodology is best for your business can be tricky. Here are some tips for finding the one that will work for you.

SPIN Selling

According to Neil Rackham’s 1989 book on the subject (which we’ve recommended before), SPIN Selling is a sales methodology focused on four key steps: Solution, Problem, Implication and Need-Payoff. This sales method will work best for you if you find any of the following statements to be true.

Your goal is to build trust that leads to future investment.
The aim of this methodology is to instill confidence in your client that you have their best interests at heart. Other sales methodologies, as we’ll soon discuss, focus on closing the sale with any number of strategies.

By taking time to understand the customer’s unique situation, you are investing in the relationship. For companies just starting out or attempting to distinguish themselves from a wide competitor pool, SPIN Selling makes listening to customers a stellar way to build trust.

You believe in relationship selling.
Using the SPIN method allows your sales reps the time to get to know their customer and really listen to their needs. Although this approach may seem time-consuming, its results are often long lasting.

In essence, the customer feels like you and your company are there to help them, regardless of whether or not they actually purchase, and the pressure to buy is lifted. After the SPIN method is implemented, they are clear on what their need is, how they’d like to solve it, and why your product is the best solution.

SNAP Selling

Created by Jill Konrath in 2012, SNAP Selling makes the assumption that your client is stressed out and in a hurry. This method is best used for any of the following goals.

You consider yourself a thought leader in your industry.
One aspect of this approach is to make your company the go-to source of information for buyers’ needs. Busy decision makers don’t always have time to do in-depth research. By taking the guess work out of the equation for them you are establishing a quality service that will inspire loyalty among your clients. Become a thought leader in your category and watch sales flood in.

Your target market works in fast-paced environments.
The “s” in SNAP stands for simple. As in, you need to outline the buying process in clear terms. If your clients are used to making important buying decision under pressure, you are well aware of how important speed and efficiency are to their process.

This methodology is based on creating priorities and by definition is built for this type of client base. With the SNAP Selling method it is your responsibility to keep your client’s eyes on the big picture. You can make sure they don’t get stuck in the myriad of details by solving the problem for them in a way Go to the full article.

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