Where & When to Repurpose Your Holiday Content

By Amanda Reimondo

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I know what you’re thinking … it’s much too early to be discussing the holidays ahead. You may not be ready to see winter wonderland displays set up in your favorite department store or hear Christmas carols on the radio, but when it comes to marketing for the holidays, even October is a bit behind the late to get started.

According to this Forbes article, your holiday marketing content should really be in development three to four months ahead of the holiday itself. And we agree.

If you haven’t had a chance to develop any marketing materials for holidays that fall during the months of November and December yet, developing all new content isn’t your only option.

This is where one of our favorite techniques – content repurposing – comes into play. Instead of rushing to develop all-new marketing materials for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, you can make use of the most successful pieces you created in previous years.

With a few hours of research and a touch of creativity, previous blog posts, banners, newsletters, social media graphics and more can all be repurposed with ease. Here is where we recommend starting:

Review Previous Success

Chances are good that you have already have reports detailing your success in previous holiday seasons. Now it’s time to sort through that data once again, refreshing yourself on which seasonal marketing techniques, collateral and content resulted in the majority of the traffic to and sales on your website.

A few questions to ask yourself as you review the data are:

  • What emails had the highest click-through rate during previous holiday campaigns?
  • Which holiday coupon codes were used the most on your website?
  • What social media posts had the highest rate of interaction?

Santa has a list and checks it twice – do the same with the statistics and information available to you to determine which campaigns were naughty and which were nice. The data you can gather from Google Analytics, sales reports, previous newsletters and social media accounts can provide the insight you need to develop a rewarding holiday content strategy without having to start from scratch.

Outline Your Plan for the Upcoming Season

Once you’ve refreshed yourself on the successes of previous campaigns, it is time to use the data to outline this year’s holly-jolly marketing plan. The first of your holiday marketing efforts typically come to light on Black Friday, the deep-discounts-fueled end to Thanksgiving.

Consumers will expect an onslaught of emails before the clock chimes midnight on Thanksgiving, and will also be checking the website homepage and social media accounts of their favorite stores to learn about the deals being offered.

It’s easy to get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of this big holiday shopping day, so if you plan to participate in Black Friday, be sure to let your customers know.

Putting your Black Friday marketing strategy together is just the start of the reindeer games! There is also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday – not to mention the whole month of December – to think Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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