What’s the Best Staffing Software for You?

By Kevin O’Brien

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There are few factors that will have as heavy an impact to the success or failure of a staffing firm as an Applicant Tracking System, which makes choosing the right one a critical decision. When one software website alone lists a whopping 260 different ATS programs, making this important choice can quickly become overwhelming. As you discern which needle-in-the-haystack staffing software will work best for you, it’s important to ask a number of questions.

What are Your Current Needs and Limitations?

Like taking a road trip without a GPS or map, a staffing firm can’t just hop into the ATS fray blindly. First and foremost, you’ll need to look internally at why you are seeking a new staffing software. What are the limitations of the program you’re currently using? What capabilities are lacking that do not meet your needs, and what you require out of an ATS?

The answers to these questions will drive you toward the best staffing software for you and help narrow down the field. If you have lost candidates due to a lengthy interview process, then you’ll want to be looking for software that can help expedite each step. If your current ATS has caused inconsistencies in communicating with talent, then seeking out a new program that focuses on efficient and effective communication patterns will become a priority. Understanding underlying motivations such as these will direct your path forward to an ultimate selection.

Is It Keeping Up with Technological Advancements?

An outdated ATS will hold you back, and that may be the reason you’re here in the first place. There are many options that can maintain the status quo, but you’re not in business to merely keep up. If you’re not a staffing leader, you’ll soon be left behind the back. Settling for an ATS that is “good enough” due to its low cost or ease of use is not a good enough strategy for remaining competitive. This is a case of evolving or dying.

The cutting-edge is where you can differentiate yourself from your peers. As you begin to look at various ATS options, investigate which ones are utilizing the latest staffing technology and integrations. Things are rapidly evolving, with Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing many programs through unrivaled resume screening, data analysis, and improved pre-qualifications and outreach. IBM’s Watson and Google’s latest venture are both entering the recruiting arena, seeking to transform the industry. Additionally, video interviewing and chatbot technology has evolved to the point they are feasible options in your next ATS. Needless to say, there are a number of technological advancements to consider in your choice.

Can It Keep You Organized?

Just because the word “tracking” implies keeping things in order does not mean that every Applicant Tracking System is primed to keep you and your recruiters organized. Does one quick glance at a dashboard or home screen give a recruiter enough information to start their day, or does it require lots of clicks and Go to the full article.

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