What’s Love Got To Do With Business? Everything!

By Brian Basilico

So, I might be dating myself, but there’s a song from the 80s by Tina Turner, ” What’s Love Got To Do With It!”. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you haven’t. The question I have to ask you is, what does love have to do with business? In my world, everything. First and foremost, you have to love what you do. There’s a saying by Confucius that says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Do You Love What You Do?

I’ve seen so many people, especially entrepreneurs, who absolutely do that. They do what they love. They love getting up in the morning. They love working on their projects, their jobs, whatever it is. They love everything about it. Now, you can love your work. If you don’t love your work, maybe there’s a couple of reasons why.

First and foremost, you don’t have to love every task that you do. Not everybody loves accounting. I love accounting. I happen to love going into QuickBooks and entering stuff. I do it every Saturday. I set time aside every Saturday morning to balance my books, so that I know exactly where I’m at. I’m looking at all the different things inside my business, what’s working, what’s not working.

I also love doing my podcast. I love teaching and talking and speaking and all that kind of stuff. There are certain things I don’t love to do, and that is, I’m not really a good writer. I’m a terrible proofreader. As a matter of fact, my nickname is Captain Typo. You’ve probably heard that before. I don’t love to do that.

I also don’t love to do graphics. I don’t love to write blogs. There’s so many things in my business that are absolutely necessary, that I don’t love to do. Here’s what you can do, for the things that you don’t love: outsource them. Find people who love to do what you don’t love to do, and pay them to do it.

I’ve found virtual assistants that love to spell check, and love to work on my blogs, and love to put out my e-mail newsletters, which are things that I don’t necessarily like to do. If you don’t love accounting, find somebody who’s going to do your books for you. Whatever it is, find somebody who loves as much of what they do, as you love what you do. You start to build the team of people that create this “Kumbayah,” best way to say it.

Do You Love Your Customers?

The second question is, do you love your customers? We always tend to work harder for people that we respect and that we can relate to. Believe it or not, you can choose your customers and your clients. You should always interview clients, and make sure they’re a good fit. Are they somebody that you think you can relate to, or are they somebody trying to hire you Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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