What To Do When Sales Enablement Is Not Working

By Dave Orecchio

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Sales Enablement is the supporting assets (content, methodology and technology) that give your sales team the highest probability of identifying the right prospects, nurturing them and converting them into customers. When all of the components of the sales enablement system align, sales enablement gives your business a powerful set of tools and assets that help to drive top line sales. What do you do if your sales enablement initiative is not producing the desired results? To explore this question, let’s first define sales enablement.

Hubspot defines Sales Enablement as: Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity.”

For Sales Enablement to work, it must powered with the right content which means that the marketing team must be partnered with sales and deliver the types of content that are effective in the sales process. Every sales manage will tell you to scale sales it must be aligned with a process that works best for your business. In this digital world, look into how your sales process engages the modern buyer. Pair the content and methodology with sales enbalement tools that amplify the process and enables sales to focus on their activities that deliver the most value to prospects and your business.

Sometimes the change (or optimizations described above) is difficult for organizations. Sales Enablement initiatives do not always deliver on their promise when all three elements (content, methodology and technology) are not addressed. It is exactly like having a process with a broken step in the middle.

So what do you do if sales enablement is not working for your business?

The Changing Nature Of Sales

It is the buyers in the modern age, rather than the sellers, who have the initiative in purchasing goods and services. Buyers have many more options now because of their ability to research online and investigate the details of seller offers. This power-shift has undermined the traditional role of selling for brands.

The sales and marketing process that is the emerging response to these empowered customers is a more buyer-centric model. The Inbound Methodology provides sellers with a process that addresses the newfound advantages of buyers in the digital age. Sellers have to deliver an experience that is much more transparent and directed to support the Buyers’ Journey.

If you employ the tools of Sales Enablement effectively, they will revitalize your sales team to increase productivity massively. The Sales Enablement philosophy integrates all of the content and processes that support your sales team. Together all of these activities help your sales team advise rather than manipulate buyers, personalize the approach to each prospect, and be buyer-centric at all times.

The Inbound Methodology Transformation

The inbound methodology makes a virtue of the inquisitiveness of buyers and builds a relationship with them. Your suite of inbound sales enablement tools produces a personalized stream of content for each of your prospects as personalized information channels.

The suite standardizes reports and data about engagement with prospects, preparing it for analysis. This digital reporting gives Go to the full article.

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