What is the Secret to Confident Copywriting?

By Taylor Haydon


Good copywriting can be the difference between a visit & a click.

It’s important to write engaging content to move your prospects further along the buyers journey. Remarkable Content can help your company learn the skills you need to create effective content.

We offer copywriting workshops along side our other services, to really help you and your team get the most out of our partnership.

One of our workshops consisted of us asking each member of our client’s training group to write their names on a post-it and stick it where they felt best matched their copywriting confidence, on our scale of writing confidence.

The result? The majority lacked confidence when it came to their writing abilities.

Confidence fuels good copywriting, so our aim by the end of the day was to shift peoples perspectives on their copywriting skills.

Because office jobs require most of us to write hundreds of words every day, we all think we should be able to write – from emails and reports to blogs and press releases.

We all walk and run too, but few of us think we could also run a marathon or compete over 100 metres. It’s about building muscles and fitness – and it’s the same with writing.

So, sadly, a day’s training won’t turn you into an athlete or Shakespeare 2.0.

Instead, our job was to show the group the techniques and approaches that can kickstart writing from a blank page and, with practice, learn to create clear and compelling copy.

We covered a range of topics to begin the process of becoming copywriters, including:

  • Getting started
  • Headlines
  • SEO
  • Copywriting terms
  • Structure
  • Layout
  • Editing
  • Formats
  • Reshaping copy for different channels

Armed with those tactics, our clients are now ready to build up their writing muscles to create blogs, articles and reports to guide, inform and entertain their customers and clients.

By the end of the day, our newly-fledged copywriters were busily making starts on a variety of subjects in a range of different styles and formats.

The last thing we did was to ask them to take their named post-its and stick them back on the spectrum of confidence.

The result? All were confident copywriters.

Strange as it may seem, a movement of two feet in the copywriting world isn’t bad for a day’s work.

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Source:: Business2Community

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