What Is The Power Of A “Little C” and “Big C” And A “Little B” and “Big B” For Your Business?

By Brian Basilico

Your Business Story

So I want to talk about the story of your business. Now, this is not for every business, because we all have varying degrees in the way that we sell, who our customers are, and what it is that we provide. So, I just want to lay out a couple of concepts for you. This is what I call the story of the little c and the Big C, and the story of the little b and the Big B. I will explain those, and I’m not talking about a buzzing bee. I’m talking about business.

The “little c” and “Big C”

So let’s start out talking about the little c and the Big C. In business, we all sell different things. Some of us sell products, some of us sell services. Some of us have a combination of products and services. But in my world, and in a lot of peoples’ worlds, there is the little c, which is what I consider to be cash, which is a sale of little resistance, a lot of times. You have no problem going to an ATM, or going to a farmer’s market, buying bread and cheese, honey and wine, or whatever it is, and you’re usually paying with cash. These are things that you want, that you need, and there’s relatively little resistance to doing something like that.

One of the examples in my business is that I have coaching programs, which are in the thousand dollar range, but I also have books. I sell these books for $20 or $10 when I’m speaking live. When I’m speaking, I have this opportunity to say, “Hey, I’ve got books in the back of the room, come buy this.” People will generally whip out a $20 bill, a $10 bill. They may even give me their credit card. But it’s a very little resistance kind of sale. So the question is, “Do you have something that you can amass a chunk of sales?” I look at this as multiple streams of income. This stream of income is selling books.

Now, when we look at the Big C, that is credit cards and checks. So when you’re selling something that is maybe $100, $1,000, $10,000 —whatever it is that you’re selling — there’s a lot more resistance to pull out that credit card or write that check because it doesn’t have the same feeling as the small c. Yet it’s absolutely imperative that you learn how to sell those Big C’s. It takes a little bit more time and a little bit more energy, and it takes somebody specific who wants to pay for what it is that you’re selling. Yeah, if your air conditioner goes out, it’s a Big C. It’s roughly $5,000 to get a new air conditioner. You’re either going to have cash sitting in the bank where you can write a check, or you’re going to pull out a credit card. But there’s a Go to the full article.

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