What is the Next Big Thing in App Development?

By Mitesh Patel

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With mobile phones becoming more affordable and accessible, and with greater penetration of the smartphone, it is but natural to expect that there will be an uptick in mobile app development.

With more new phones being manufactured daily and a new model being released every two weeks, it is widely expected that the total number of devices will cross the 12 million mark by the end of the current year. As mobile phones are becoming more affordable, it is witnessing better market penetration, and this has led to a spurt in mobile app development.

Here’s what you can expect in mobile app development for the current year

Cross platform and cross device development – With increasing penetration of smartphones, companies have been able to target wider demographics through custom built apps. So for the current year, you can expect more stand alone app development, with iOS based apps at the higher end and see an uptick in both hybrid and native apps. At the last count, there were nearly 1.4 million apps, jostling for a share of the marketplace and the trend in app development for the current year stays the same with one change, you can expect more apps to feature both cross platform and cross device functionality.

IOT development – With increased usage of peripherals to communicate, manage and transact in real time, it has become evident that smartphones and mobile applications can be utilized to manage real life events. With increasing IOT applications hitting the market, from Google glass to SIRI, one can expect more advanced IOT apps for the current year, with an increased focus on interactivity.

Developer tools – As companies try to compete with each other, the lifecycle of mobile apps is being trimmed down further in order to increase their competitive edge. However, this had resulted in various issues cropping up from lousy UI to lack of proper coding. In order to offset this, you can expect more advanced developer tools which can enable you to cut down on the time it takes you to design a mobile app to the time it hits the market. While it still remains to be seen what the current year brings, at the least you can expect advanced development kit with pre-built functionality.

Enterprise apps – With more companies opting to use mobile apps in order to reach out to their target market better and to interact with their customers, you can expect a few advanced enterprise apps for the current year. In addition, most companies tend to be a tad paranoid when it comes to their security; they can opt for enterprise apps to monitor and regulate intra-office communication and help create a secure environment in the process. All of that is only possible with enterprise apps, so expect the demand for the same to increase the current year as well.

Location based apps – with increasing consumer awareness, and higher smartphone penetration into the market, you can look forward to companies utilizing your current location and providing you Go to the full article.

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