What Can Sales Professionals Learn From a Screaming Eagle?

By Mike Macioci

Through out my professional life I learned that by asking questions(especially the right ones) one can learn a lot. This article series focuses on interesting people within my network. This segment is about Joe Gaspard who transitioned from a military career to become a successful performance coach.

Joe Gaspard, a military veteran of the Iraq war, served with the 101st Airborne’s Combat Aviation Brigade. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He also holds a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu and has traveled the world as a private chef.

Joe, first thanks for your service. So you were a Screaming Eagle just like Jimi Hendrixx?

Yeah, just the same. Although we served a few years apart.

I assume Jimi Hendrix was a better guitar player, but you must have learned some important life lessons from your time in the military. What were some?

Some of the most important lessons I learned in the Army were the most basic. Be 15 minutes early for EVERYTHING! I am still Mr.Punctual to this day. Some of my other favorites are simple yet often overlooked by the civilian world. The ability to manage chaos for example.

In the military no matter what your job is you are expected to be able to do it even when the world is literally exploding all around you. If you can learn this skill you can manage anything life throws your way. The other favorite skill the Army taught me was how to practice. It sounds strange put there is a proper procedure for just about everything you do in the military and if you just sit down and practice them you can master virtually any task no matter how complex it is.

What motivated you to build a highly successful career around performance coaching?

While serving in Iraq I suffered my second collapsed lung. This ended my Army career but launched a new one in the fitness industry. As I climbed the ranks in fitness I began to work with very high performers such as pro athletes, CEOs and celebrities. I noticed and learned through studying them that they brought a certain mindset to everything that they did. It was the one thing that made them all ultra-successful. Once I understood this my own success took off like a rocket. It was like someone turned on a light switch for me and my whole life began to change. I knew I had to teach others how to think and act this way.

Are there certain types of individuals that you have specialized in coaching over the years?

More than anything else I like to educate my clients so that they can walk away from me a self-sustain their new skills forever. So the people who benefit the most from this type of training are ambitious, motivated self-starters who just need some guidance to get them going in the right direction.

How do you define performance coaching?

Performance coaching is about learning to be your best no matter Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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