What a Facebook Page Should Look Like In 2017

By Ivan Ivanov

What A Facebook Page Should Look Like In 2017

The way we use social media has rapidly changed in less than a decade. Much like the rise of the Internet in the 1990s and the early 2000s redefined the idea of a webpage, the past few years have transformed the way we see and use online networking platforms.

With Facebook being the first place many of its users seek information, a Facebook page is now more of a necessity than a promotional tool for your website or blog. In 2017, businesses are made with a Facebook page.

More often than not, you’ll see brands and influencers having the wholesome of their online presence solely on Facebook. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As people use the social network as a gateway towards information, instead of firmly relying on Google, there is a noticeable rise in the natural traffic and reach via posts and Facebook’s native search engine. In addition, with the company constantly adapting to a new generation of thinkers, ads on the platform are now more successful than ever.

But all that also means that the bar for what a Facebook page should look like in 2017 is now higher than ever. Just a few years ago, all you had to do is simply put a profile photo, a cover image and short information for your company and you’d be set. However, today, things are quite different than what they used to be.

Informative Description with the Necessary Details

To run a successful Facebook page in 2017 you have to make sure that you’ve filled out any field the platform offers you. When running a business page, entering closing and opening times, your location and a telephone number are almost a necessity.

By sharing such information on your page, you will be able to let people find you more easily. In addition, you should fill out every field in the appropriate manner. For example, if you want to focus more on inbound marketing, you should provide short and friendly description of your business.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your audience is B2B you have to be clear, corporate and concise. In both cases, your description should be unique to your Facebook page.

Make sure to avoid the use of long texts but be detailed enough so that a visitor is able to receive the information they are looking for via a simple glance at your page overview.

Brand Complementing Facebook Profile and Cover Photos

The next item to look out for when adapting your Facebook page for 2017 is the use of proper imagery. Visual stimuli are crucial for any social media strategy and the profile and cover photos of your company page are the foundation.

From 2012 to 2015, with the outbreak of social media management, a brand profile was considered to be upscale and professional when simple, logo-based, abstract imagery was used.

A cover photo with material design-like elements and your business’s logo in the center is still considered by many to be the right call. Yet, this might not be the case. Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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