Washington Redskins Changing Their NFL Football Team Name To ‘Redhawks’ Is Fake News

By Shawn Rice

Washington Redskins Training Camp August 4, 2011

Washington Redskins changing their NFL team name to “Redhawks” is fake news. Rather, Native American activists published several elaborate fake web sites as a “satirical action” against the Redskins franchise, according to Snopes. The hoax included a fake team website and fake Twitter account, featuring a press release to announce the supposed change.

The site is called WashingtonRedhawks.com. The team’s tagline is “A mascot everyone can cheer for.” The fictional Washington Redhawks also carried the following fake statement about the name change:

On December 13th, The Washington football team franchise announced an updated team name and logo, coming Fall 2018.

The WASHINGTON REDHAWKS is a team EVERYONE can cheer for. The Franchise is proud to be a leader in bringing people together in the DMV and in our country during a time of growing divisions.

The updated “Washington Redhawks” was inspired by team owner Dan Snyder’s deep admiration for Native Americans. “It is a symbol of everything we stand for: strength, courage, pride, and respect—the same values we know guide Native Americans and which are embedded throughout their rich history as the original Americans.”

Their website also featured a purported new logo:

What also fooled readers on social media is that the fake site also linked to a series of mock news stories promoting the move. These fake web sites were made up to look like stories from Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and the Washington Post. However, there is no truth to them.

An article published on a page designed to look like the Sports Illustrated website had the headline, “Washington Football Ditches Controversial Name for Redhawks.” A fake ESPN article reported that Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who has staunchly opposed changing the team’s name, decided to honor Native Americans by updating it.

Here are some reactions to the fake news on social media.

whoever made that Redhawks site did a great job. they took the time to make fake WaPo, ESPN, and SI links. check the urls – none of them are “normal” for those sites.

— Terence (@TOPolk) December 13, 2017

I honestly can’t yet tell if the Washington Redhawks NFL name change is real or just an elaborate proof-of-concept design work from activists.

— Joe Fourhman (@fourhman) December 13, 2017

got so excited about that Washington RedHawks announcement until I discovered it’s fake. pic.twitter.com/2a5KkOwh6q

— black ivy carter (@polumechanos) December 13, 2017

I knew that redhawks thing was fake I knew it. I knew that logo was some crusty free vector art. And that logo font was ugly too. I knew it was fake based on that graphic design.

🎄HolyJollyNDN Dylan☃ (@srawaityai) December 13, 2017

The Native American advocacy group the Rising Hearts Coalition admitted that it was behind the fake name change. One of the group’s members, Cherokee Nation activist Rebecca Nagle, said:

We created this Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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