Want To Grow Your Business? 10 Hard Questions You Need To Ask

By Jeff Bullas

Want To Grow Your Business?

Fixed mindsets irritate me.

You know what I mean. Heard the conversations.

We have always done it this way.

It is just a fad.

As we reinvent business and try to change, the foibles of the habitual human become evident. Calcified thinking.

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones“ – John Maynard Keynes

The pace of change today has accelerated from the era of train and coal to the generation of rocket ships and robots. Being trapped in old habits that aren’t working well anymore stops us innovating in a digital age.

We need to let go of the past.

The thinking and practices that no longer serves us. A flexibility mindset is essential.

So….here are some of the hard questions you need to be asking to grow your business in a digital world and invest in the future.

1. What are your digital assets?

As visual creatures and hard reality infused homo sapiens, the world is often viewed from the perspective of what we can see and touch.

The ephemeral is often not valued. Maybe we can blame the accountants for that.

The digital world has assets that are hard to see and value. These are the hard digital assets we can measure.

  • How much traffic to the website?
  • What is your social network reach and distribution.
  • What’s your search engine authority?
  • What is the size of your email list?

Then there are “soft” digital assets. These are hard to quantify. The digital skill sets, attitudes and mindsets of your people.

Time to put a value on this new age equity.

2. Who are your companies thought leaders?

Command and control corporate thinking doesn’t like the notion of allowing its silent experts to become visible. To give them permission to be thought leaders.

The recent Edelman Trust Barometer – 2017 shows that the CEO’s trust level is plummeting and its employees credibility are rising. Employees are trusted 16% more than their CEO

It is time to make our in house corporate stars shine. Let them reveal their story and expertise. There is an added benefit amongst others. Make the corporation more human.

Do you let them shine to build credibility and trust?

3. Have you adopted marketing tech?

Do you own your marketing?

Just handing over all your advertising to an agency is dangerous.

The web tech of apps and platforms on the social web has put the power in your hands. To publish. To advertise.

Invest internally.

But you will also need marketing tech to do that.

4. Are you transforming dinosaurs into unicorns?

Most knowledge professionals attend annual training to keep their credentials updated. There are all sorts of acronyms for this. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and even MAT (Mandatory Annual Training).

Nothing wrong with that but that is not even close to what is needed in today’s business environment.

What is required today is “continuous learning”

Accenture is evaluating ts leaders based on innovation and spending $900 million in education (some are spending 80 hours in training a year) to deliver the technologies

Google gives its staff 1 day a week to work on their passionate ideas. Researching Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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