Want to Be An Award Winner? Dedication’s What You Need

By Jonathan Bright

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This may sound like a communique from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious, but if you want to win an award, make time to craft a good entry.

When I say make time, I mean treat your entry like you would any other marketing campaign. Because it is one. Again, obvious perhaps, but so easily forgotten.

Treat your entry like you would any other marketing campaign

Detail and dedication

I attended The Drum’s Awards Workshop breakfast recently to hear exactly this from a panel of seasoned judges from across the marketing industry – that crafting award entries requires the same level of flair, attention to detail and dedication as an entire campaign. Point being, if you’re not showing that level of commitment, then why are you entering in the first place?

Of course, it’s not hard to imagine – you’re working all week long dedicating every possible minute to important client work, juggling jobs and firing on all cylinders to come up with ideas across a multitude of accounts and industries – and then there’s the award entry you have to see to. It might not seem as important as all that other important stuff you’re importantly doing, but, importantly, it is.

That award entry might feel like an afterthought when compared with more pressing missions – after all, it’s not paying the bills, per se. But if that’s the attitude you take to your award entry then you’re perhaps not thinking it through.

Your award entry is a pitch to a client that doesn’t know they’re being pitched to yet.

It’s a prized product

Great marketing material

Let’s say you do win an award – on the back of that win you’ve got instant clout. It’s marketing material in its own right. You’ll have other prospective clients looking for leading marketers in any one particular industry or with a specific skillset – where do they look to first?

Perhaps you’re working for one division, department or locale of a large, multinational corporation. Let’s say another division or department is interested in procuring marketers – they’ll be after highly recommended partners that are also familiar with the company’s tone of voice and mission. Where will they begin their search?

On the back of that win you’ve got instant clout

Need I go on? Well, our blog at Southerly won two UK Blog Awards, last year and this year. I can tell you for one, we’ve solicited new business enquiries simply by being on the winners’ list, and we receive a string of organic search queries from that domain. My point is, it works. But you won’t win unless you present a persuasive case. You have to market your entry like it’s a prized product.

Content marketing by another name

We’ve also written award entries for several of our clients that have made that investment to get it right. They want to create not just an entry, but a campaign unto itself. Interestingly, the parallels between crafting a marketing campaign and preparing an award entry are even more pronounced than you might think.

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