Virtual Work is on the Rise: 5 Ways to Prepare Yourself to be a Remote Marketer

By Mark Miller

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More and more people every year–including marketing contractors and full-time staff–are working traditional professional jobs from a nontraditional location.

New business management techniques and breakthroughs in technology have made it easier for many roles to be completed outside of the confines of office walls. In the United States, more than 25 million professionals will do most or all of their work from a remote location this year–and that number grows annually.

The appeal of virtual marketing staffing is understandably attractive to marketers of all kinds, and more and more employers are offering workplace flexibility to their staff. But before you become dazzled by the idea of working from the comfort of your own home or favorite cafe, stop to consider whether you’re really cut out for working in that kind of environment.

Working Remotely: Harder Than it Sounds

Marketing is an obvious field for virtual work opportunities, and it’s easy to see why professionals and employers alike would find them appealing.

The worker gets to operate from a comfortable place of their choosing. That means avoiding soul-crushing commutes and the associated costs, lower stress levels, and often much higher job satisfaction.

The employer gets to drastically expand their candidate pool of potential hires and marketing contractors, can have dedicated workers, and saves on office costs.

It’s a win-win; at least in most situations.

Unfortunately, remote work simply isn’t for everyone, especially in long-term arrangements.

Sure, almost anyone can power through the occasional work-from-home day. But it takes a special combination of discipline, mindset, and work culture in order for marketing contractors and other professionals to be successful and productive when working on a virtual basis most or all of the time.

Working from home or other nearby location of your choosing sounds easy enough. But it’s all too easy to let yourself get distracted and lose motivation.

Heading into the office every day can be a drag, but there’s something to be said for a collaborative work environment where everyone is keeping each other accountable for staying on task and behaving professionally.

If you’re used to working in such a situation, transitioning to virtual work can be quite a shock.

You become solely responsible for keeping yourself on task and remaining productive despite distractions like a needy pet or noisy coffee shop neighbor. Perhaps you’ll miss the social interaction with your coworkers or the ability to use office facilities and amenities.

So before hopping on a remote marketing work opportunity, make sure that you’re really ready to adopt the new responsibility and take steps to prepare yourself for the shift.

How to Make the Most of a Remote Marketing Staffing Opportunity

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If you’re considering taking a virtual marketing position, or already have one and are concerned your productivity is starting to wane, here are some things you can do to stay on task and keep your motivation up: