Video Traffic Academy by James Wedmore

stick_figure_presenting_stock_increase_400_clr_2466In a recent survey, respondents said they spend an average of 66% of their Internet-Surfing time watching online video (Social Networking Sites only 22%).  And with over 3 Billion Daily Views, YouTube (owned by Google!) is the KING of video platforms.

Unfortunately, technical hurdles and learning curves have hindered most from venturing into video marketing.

James Wedmore tackled the problem, solved it and created a user friendly course that simply works.

A few years ago James Wedmore released a program for people looking for ways to maximize video and YouTube. His system is smart and simple. He basically breaks down the science of using video as a marketing tool into “easy to follow” steps.

Hundreds of businesses benefited from the principles and practices taught in that course.

However as we all know successful online marketing changes relentlessly, significantly and at a mind numbing pace.  What worked yesterday can quickly become the parched bones on the side of the road to marketing success. So James dedicated some serious time to testing, measuring and clearly defining what works today in the video arena. He released  Traffic Video Academy 2.0 today, and it is the leading guide to using video to drive targeted traffic to websites.

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As Google drastically changes its algorithms and YouTube plays more of an important role in search rankings video is becoming an 800 pound gorilla when it comes to driving targeted traffic to websites.

Video Traffic Academy is a 5 module A-Z training course. You will learn how to make great videos that rank high in Google and get massive results.

Video Traffic Academy Course is different than what you may have seen before

Most video courses simply focus on creating great looking videos or getting your videos noticed at YouTube. Your  Video Traffic Academy 2.0  course is going to do that as well. But Traffic Video Traffic Academy 2.0  includes something crucial to your success that other courses leave out.

Video Traffic Academy 2.0  is going to show you how to create videos that inspire your viewers to take action … to visit your website, to sign up for your offer, or to buy your product. Your videos won’t just get views, they will generate traffic, leads and profitable customers.

No other course on the market even comes close

Go check out Video Traffic Academy 2.0  now, with James’s System and YouTube – You will see a huge increase in traffic and sales for your business today!

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