Usher Settling A Lawsuit Claiming He Knowingly Gave A Woman Herpes Is An Unproven Claim

By Shawn Rice

Usher paying $1.1 million in 2012 to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman claiming that he had knowingly infected her with herpes is an unproven claim. While there have been a series of articles about the singer, the claims are so far highly sensationalized with a low amount of verifiable details. Where did this unproven claim originate?

Entertainment and gossip web site Radar Online reported on July 19 2017, Usher had paid $1.1 million to settle a woman’s claim, accusing him of knowingly infecting her with herpes.

An exclusive probe has blown the lid off the explosive revelation that a high-profile A-lister has settled a million-dollar lawsuit after infecting a sex partner with the incurable herpes virus! As part of the shocking exposé, Radar obtained a lawsuit between a celebrity stylist and 38-year-old singer Usher.

Legal documents detailed how the eight-time Grammy winner — whose real name is Usher Raymond IV — had rigorous unprotected sex without disclosing he was stricken with the rabid virus.

The above article was then cited in subsequent reports by Fox News, the New York Daily News and People magazine, helping it to build support for credibility. The original stories link to what are presented as excerpts from court documents concerning a case that Radar Online claims was filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

However, Radar Online fails to specify what kinds of documents the excerpts are from, although they are presented in the manner of a civil complaint. Social media was quick to discuss the nature of the suit and the settlement. Here are some reactions.

Sexually active people laughing at Usher, do you realise that viral STI are most common & you ALL most likely infected with Herpes & HPV?

— Dr T (@drtlaleng) July 22, 2017

How much unprotected sex did Usher have after his herpes diagnosis? Women are reaching out to me. How dare he endanger women’s health?

— Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom) July 22, 2017

Shout out to everybody that heard the Usher herpes story and DIDNT make a “Let It Burn” joke.

— Timothy DeLaGhetto (@TimothyDeLaG) July 21, 2017

Me: Aye look don’t trip or nun but your little herpes problem is all over the internet


— KC (@ColbyCk1) July 20, 2017

In research from Snopes, there has yet to be found any civil lawsuit of this nature involving Usher, whose full legal name is Usher Raymond IV, despite a search of the Los Angeles Superior Court’s online database. However, there are other unrelated cases against Usher.

Why is the claim unproven thus far? The alleged excerpts do not include a case number, jurisdiction, the names of attorneys, or the name of the presiding judge. All things necessary to help verify the authenticity of the suit and potential settlement.

Currently, there has been no official statement from Usher’s record label or his agents Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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