Use Local Search to Help People Find Your Store

By Julie Chomiak

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Congratulations! Your brick-and-mortar shop is open and ready for customers. Like any small business owner, you’re probably wondering how to get people through your door. Well, never fear!

There are plenty of ways to engage prospective clients and have them running to your storefront. One of the lesser-known, but critically important ways of drumming up traffic is through local search.

In today’s world, having a storefront is not enough to compete in the marketplace. Managing your online presence and reputation bolsters your business credibility, while making it easy for potential customers to find your store. Understanding how to use local search to your advantage will push your business to the top of search results and drive the traffic you want to your business location.

Here are the top five local search tips for driving visitors to your store.

Include phone number and address on every web page

This is a simple adjustment that will pay dividends. Including your business phone number and address on every page of your website will improve your search ranking. Your contact information feeds search engines relevant data about your location, and makes it easier for them to decide whether your business is a fit for a specific query.

You don’t have to make your website look like a billboard by adding this information. The ideal place for this type of information is in your website’s header or footer. These areas have become known as contact hubs and website visitors often look to those places first when looking for a phone number, address, or email address.

Add an embedded geo sitemap

While you’re at it, throw in an embedded geo sitemap, so search engines can truly pinpoint your business location. Never heard of a geo sitemap before? It’s a backend form that allows your website to send local information to search engines.

A geo sitemap verifies that your business is a local business and improves your search ranking. This is exactly what you want for your store! Through this information, again, your business will show up in the right local searches, as well as drive awareness and sales.

Use this geo sitemap generator to create your own. Want more instructions? You can find a step-by-step guide for getting your geo sitemap up and running here.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Speaking of your website, optimizing it for mobile is another key factor for good local search. When a website is optimized, it means that no matter the device, the website will appear as you intended. By having a consistent look, it emphasizes how credible your business is, and gives viewers the opportunity to read and consume your content, which often leads to store visits and sales.

If this seems beyond your technical prowess, the Vistaprint Digital website builder automatically formats your website for mobile. Through its responsive design, you need only to design your site, and then you’re good to go. We’ll handle the rest and guarantee your website looks its best on any screen size.

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