Trade Show Booth Set-Up: Tips, Tricks and Advice

By Eric Dyson

Trade Show Booth Set-Up

Having a dynamic and attention-grabbing trade show booth is essential if you are looking to gain an edge over your competition at your next event. It is important for your exhibit to look ready and be ready when the exhibit hall opens its doors. In this post, we outline how to strategically navigate the installation and dismantling (I&D) process to ensure a smooth and stress-free assembly and teardown of your trade show booth.

I&D Begins When Designing Your Trade Show Booth

As with all things trade show related, planning in advance is key. You should begin I&D planning while your booth is still in the design phase. You can work closely with your exhibit partner to design a trade show booth that will minimize on-site labor hours during assembly and teardown. This will help you save both time and money by avoiding or minimizing double-time and overtime labor costs. By making your exhibit as show-ready as possible, you also lower the chances of I&D teams making errors on the show floor.

Working With An I&D Partner

Trade Show Booth Design

Picking the right I&D service provider is a vital part of having a seamless assembly and teardown process. A great I&D service provider will make the logistical and strategic challenges presented by a trade show easy to deal with. Below, we provide you with tips on how to work well and communicate with your I&D service provider.

  • Communicate early with the lead of your exhibit I&D team. Call or meet with them at least a month in advance of set up date to discuss the details and expectations. Proactive communication will limit unforeseen costs. In some cases, booth design changes to alleviate I&D challenges identified in earlier meetings with I&D leads.
  • Ask your I&D provider to check that the electrical and flooring has been installed correctly, and that your booth is clear of crates and other show materials. This will help to ensure no costly wait time when your installation team begins booth assembly.
  • Print and email copies of line drawings, renderings and staging photos of your exhibit. Also, include packets of this information in your exhibit crates, so there are copies for the I&D team to use at the event. You will save time, money and headache if everything is clearly organized.

Get There Early

If possible, try arriving at your show during setup (or send your exhibit solutions provider) to monitor pre- I&D work. Determine if your exhibiting space is correctly prepared with under-carpet amenities such as electrical wiring, internet cables and electrical outlets. If there are missing or misplaced amenities you can have them corrected early, rather than delaying your trade show booth installation. Solving issues before your I&D team arrive will save you money on overtime or double-time labor rates.

On The Clock

Trade Show Booth Installation

Knowing how much time it takes for your exhibit to be assembled and torn down will help you determine how many labor hours you should factor into your Go to the full article.

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