Tom Brady Flipping The Bird To Roger Goodell In Super Bowl MVP Ceremony Is A Fake Image

By Shawn Rice


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady subtly “flipping the bird” at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during the 2017 Super Bowl MVP ceremony is a fake image. A hoax photograph is circulating social media showing Brady apparently flashing his middle finger while being presented with the 2017 Super Bowl MVP trophy. The fake image is having fun at the tension between the two.

Prior to the Patriots overcoming a huge deficit to win the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons, there season started off with Brady being suspended for four games.

Goodell said Brady’s record-setting night cemented “his legacy as not just a great Super Bowl performer, but as maybe one of the greatest players of all time” and added that Bill Belichick also secured “his legacy as perhaps the best head coach of all time.”

In reality, the footage of the trophy presentation shows Brady standing alongside Goodell with two fingers extended unlike what is seen in the fake image below. While Patriots would have loved to have seen Brady give Goodell the middle finger for the early season suspension, there was no such action.


Here are some examples of people either sharing the fake image or saying Brady should do it.

Tom Brady flips the bird to Roger Goodell. Priceless

— Joel Forman (@joelthesakic) February 6, 2017

lmao at goodell shaking brady’s hand. tom should have flipped him the bird.

— jonas entin (@riverboatking) February 6, 2017

Brady needs to dab on Goodell as he tries to hand him the trophy. Mic drop. Double bird. Walk off stage into sunset.

— J Squad (@_JSquad) February 6, 2017


— Trill Belichick (@JoJoEmbiid) February 6, 2017

We need Tom Brady, wearing a #MAGA hat, flipping the double-bird and giving the Degeneration X salute to Roger Goodell.

— Brandon Harris (@bharris901) February 6, 2017

This season, Patriots fans held a grudge against Goodell after he launched an investigation in January 2015 into rumors that the team had used under-inflated balls during their AFC championship game victory that year against the Indianapolis Colts, a controversy that was quickly dubbed “Deflategate.” Even during the Super Bowl, Goodell could be heard receiving boos from fans.

However, Brady did end up taking a jab at Goodell in a post-Super Bowl commercial. In the ad for New England-based Shields Healthcare Group features Brady being asked to remove all jewelry before an appointment. Brady then removes four Super Bowl rings from his fingers before remembering he has a fifth in his pocket. “It’s kinda new,” Brady says in the commercial.

When a Shields employee comments, “We’re gonna need to get you a bigger locker,” Brady delivers a simple, but meaningful response: “Roger that!”

The league’s four-game suspension on Brady led to a lawsuit filed by the NFL Players Association. Federal judge Richard Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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