To Avoid Working Like A Dog… Think And Act Like A Dog?

By Brian Basilico

Life According To Buddy Guy (The Dog)

This post is brought to you by Buddy Guy. Now, I’m not talking about the Blues guitar player. I’m talking about my dog, my hundred pound black lab who we adopted from the Chicago pound. He was two days away from being euthanized because somebody stole the tubing off the air conditioning. It was 100 degrees out in mid-July and the dogs were literally dying, and they had two choices: get the dogs adopted, or they’d have to put them down. Anyway, somebody took a video of him on Facebook, sent it to my wife — the best way to get action here — and my wife said can we adopt him. And we did.

We put him up on Facebook, and we said, “Name this dog.” We had a whole bunch of names, then we narrowed it down to five, and the winner was Buddy Guy, because I’m a Blues player a little bit, I play guitar. Buddy Guy’s a black lab and he’s from Chicago. Anyway, this post is coming to you from a conversation that I had with my dog. Now, my dog knows I work he lot. He said to me, “Dude, to avoid working like a dog, you have to think and act like a dog.”

What does that mean? Well, basically he has five things that he does everyday and that’s it. Of those five things he does, number one is eat. The second thing is he does is pee, and then he goes poop, and then he plays, and then he sleeps, not necessarily in that order. As a matter of fact, when we get up, the first thing he does is he runs towards the door, run outside and does his wiz biz, and then comes in and eats his breakfast, and then he does out and does his duty. Then he comes up in my office all day and just sleeps. Then at three o’clock every single day, he comes up and nudges my arm and says, “Dude, it is time.” Time to walk, time to play, and then he gets to eat and then he goes to sleep again. We repeat that cycle every single day.

Feed Me

How does that equate to business? Okay, so let’s start off with eating which is obviously essential to life. Not only should you eat good foods, salads, whatever it is, whatever your eating habits are, but eat good stuff. More importantly, it’s about feeding your mind. That means you have to take some time to actually spend on yourself, learning and growing yourself. Your business depends not on what you’re doing today, but what you can learn to do tomorrow because it’s super, uber important that you continue to grow yourself so you stay relevant.

Relieve The Pressure

Now, Buddy Guy has learned a few new tricks. He was the best dog we ever had. I mean, he came to this house, and we Go to the full article.

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