Tips for Making Your Blog the Best Ever

By Richard Larson


Maintaining a blog is something that so many companies do, but are they doing it as well as they could be? Sometimes paying attention to the details can make your blog so much better. Of course, the reason for making your blog better is to increase engagement and have your blog ensure that you are meeting your goals. Your company blog is a chance to communicate freely with your audience, so take advantage of this opportunity and really communicate with them. Here are tips for making your blog the best ever:

Make each blog post pop!

Following our 10 steps here is actually kind of a checklist for making each post pop. When you put some extra attention into your blog posts and show the importance of them, they will stand out in the way you want them too. When you finish writing each post, take the time to review it to make sure that it has that extra “oomph” to draw those readers in.

Put a beginning, middle, and end in each blog post

Blogs can definitely be more informal than other forms of writing that can represent your business. However, you still need to have the hook at the beginning that tells your readers why a post is important, and the middle of the post should have all that valuable information to keep them reading. Lastly, you should have at least a small conclusion to drive home and reiterate your point or main idea. In many cases for a blog, the conclusion can also be a call-to-action.

Include at least one Pinnable picture in each blog post

Pictures and other imagery are definitely important for a blog post because it helps draw attention. However, when you make at least one image in your blog a Pinnable one, which will help your social game and drive more traffic to your blog.

Explain why the topic of your post is important

It is a simple concept, but it is often forgotten. Why should someone read this blog post? Tell your readers in the introduction of your post why it is important to them and what they can learn or gain from it.

Write your blog to be easily scannable

Remember to make your blog post easy to read quickly. This will ensure that all of those internet users with very short attention spans can still get the gist of your blog post in a very short amount of time without having to reach a big chunk of text. Use numbered lists, bullet points, and short chunks of text to make your blog posts scannable. Take some time in the formatting of each post with bold titles and give each section ample spacing.

Make your blog dynamic with different elements

We already talked about including at least one Pinnable image in your blog post, but it should be filled with all kinds of goodies for your readers including infographics, video, quotes, statistics, links, etc. Of course, each post doesn’t have to have all of the above, but keep a good media mix Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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