Tim Allen Being Mistaken For Joel Osteen By CNN In Hurricane Harvey News Article Is False

By Shawn Rice

Tim Allen’s photo being mistakenly used by CNN in a news article about pastor Joel Osteen and his efforts to help victims of Hurricane Harvey is false. Social media is sharing a viral image of an alleged photo showing CNN having published a story about Osteen but using Allen’s picture. Rather, CNN did not make this mistake regarding the two men.

Where did this false information originate? The image allegedly showing a screenshot of a CNN article which mistakenly featured a picture of Allen instead of Osteen was circulated on social media in August 2017. This meme was posted by a variety of social media accounts, yet we have not found any iteration that linked back to the alleged CNN article.

Osteen was the subject of harsh criticism in the wake of Hurricane Harvey as his church did not offer immediately shelter to flood victims in the aftermath of the storm. Additionally, Osteen was the subject of satire following his failure to initially help Hurricane Harvey victims. One false story said that Osteen sailed through the streets of Houston on a luxury yacht to pass out copies of his book “Your Best Life Now.”

CNN published at least 8 articles about the pastor in late August 2017, but Snopes reported that there was no evidence of any news article with the title “Joel Osteen says he vows to help rebuild Houston” on the network’s web site. Additionally, Matt Dornic, vice president of communications at CNN, confirmed to Snopes that this story was never published by CNN.

It’s a prank. We didn’t use that photo. Or write that story.

Certainly, CNN’s alleged mistake about publishing a picture of Allen instead of Osteen would have garnered media attention if true. However, no credible outlets have yet to report on such a mistake. Rather, it appears that CNN never actually filed this story with the error.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake image on social media as well as people discussing the physical similarities that Allen and Osteen share.

Did CNN really just use a pic of Tim Allen for Joel Osteen or am I crazy? pic.twitter.com/TnsNa5hvAL

— Matty Light (@Matt_Allen57) September 1, 2017

CNN uses Tim Allen face to mock Joel Osteen https://t.co/XHIgaYFPna #tcot #tlot #maga pic.twitter.com/RPWHgCVCAM

— ┌П┐(•_•) (@exposeliberals) September 1, 2017

Ever notice how you never see Joel Osteen and Tim Allen together in the same room pic.twitter.com/ay0W0uJiHU

— miss melancholy (@Villyne) September 1, 2017

Come on, that Tim Allen as Osteen CNN thing has to be a parody, right? There’s no way anyone can be that stupid…oh, right: CNN.

— Physics Geek (@physicsgeek) September 1, 2017

@CNN another great blunder that Tim Allen not Osteen lmao no wonder u all suck so bad. U r a dumpster fire.

— tim wise (@timwis40) August 31, 2017

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