This Story About A Man With Special Needs And His New Workout Buddy Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

By Jessica Johnson

Ricky Derouen was working out at the Planet Fitness in Pascagoula, Mississippi when he watched an amazing act of kindness unfold right in front of him.

A young man with special needs approached a complete stranger “at least 10 different times over a 45 minute period” and started hugging the stranger, giving him handshakes, and asking him questions.

The man, a regular at the gym, could have brushed off the stranger, but instead, he welcomed him with enthusiasm.

Photo Credit: Ricky Derouen / Facebook

According to Derouen, the man smiled, laughed, and even gave the young man workout advice. Their interaction continued throughout the good samaritans entire workout routine.

Derouen said the man was full of “patience, compassion, and friendliness” that was admirable.

Photo Credit: Ricky Derouen / Facebook

The workout lasted a while and Derouen watched in awe the entire time. “Towards the end of the workout the special needs man approached me and pointed to the man in the orange shirt and said ‘that’s my friend’ with a huge smile on his face.”

Wanting to capture the amazing moment, Ricky took a few photos of each heartwarming encounter and posted them to Facebook where the photos quickly went viral with more than 50,000 shares.

Photo Credit: Ricky Derouen / Facebook

People all over the world were amazed at the generosity of the stranger who took time out of his own day to make the interaction a reality.

Here was the typical response from people who witnessed the kind act:

The man was soon identified as David Samuel. Although his identity was revealed Samuel has stayed quiet after being outed for his act of kindness.

Here’s to hoping we can all act like David Samuel when these type of events arise.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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