This School Had A Sexist Policy Towards Girls But The Boys Had Their Back

By Jessica Johnson

San Benito High School was just called out for being incredibly sexist towards its female population and it was the school’s boys who took a stand.

During the first day of school at least 50 female students were reprimanded for dress code violations after they wore off-the-shoulder tops to school.

One student pulled out an old yearbook to show that women were actually required to wear the same type of clothing just years earlier.

Since they wanna dress code all girls for showing too much shoulder, EXPLAIN THIS

— Michael Gutierrez (@helloitsmikey_) August 15, 2017

That’s when guys at the school jumped into action.

The school’s officials said they were just trying to “keep the students safe” but even the males at the school thought that was an incredibly sexist remark.

The next day, guys all over the school showed up wearing off-the-shoulder shirts, probably borrowed from their female friends.

Photo Credit: Andrei 3000

Male protester Andrei Vladimirov told the Huffington Post, “What I find problematic about this ‘keep kids safe’ response is that if someone did try to assault a woman, the responsibility should lie solely on the attacker, not the victim.”

The protest appears to have worked. The school’s principal has since sat down with several students to better understand their issues with the school’s sexist dress code.

For The Record This Is The “Risque” Clothing… Sigh

Photo Credit: Chadya Acosta

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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