This Is the Right Method for Connecting with Today’s Influencer

By Susan Gilbert

Method for Connecting with Todays Influencer

Discover How to Best Connect with Today’s Online Influencer

Are you trying to find the right influencer outreach for your brand?

Not sure where to find the best connections in your industry?

The most powerful brand messages today come not from brands themselves, but from consumers with loud online voices who have the ability to reach broad audiences and the power to drive action. These users, known as influencers, are passionate, and have invested time and effort in growing an audience that trusts their authority.

When your community spreads the word about your products or services this can dramatically increase your reach and sales. According to Tapinfluence, “influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.” They also report that nearly half of all buyers on social media make a purchase based on recommendations.

If a lead or customer is impressed with your company based on meeting their needs then this can provide free advertising for your brand. Word-of-mouth marketing is becoming a dominant force online as more people strive to find trusted sources. Even just one positive recommendation can have a viral effect online.

Konnie Brown of Dell shares her thoughts about this on the TopRank blog:

Key factors will be a brand’s focus on customer experience, in this case in brand publishing, and much improved understanding of building long-term, human-to-human influencer relationships.

There are several ways you can identify influencers and measure the impact they can have on your marketing program.

1. Start to identify and engage with influencers

Make a list on a spreadsheet, app or online software program of top leaders in your industry. Start with your own social media connections and lists and segment them according to their area of expertise. As you go through each business or individual you will discover how many followers they have, who they are connected with, how active and engaged they are with their community, and whether they are relevant to your target market.

An influencer may or may not be familiar with your brand name and so you will want to start the process of reaching out them by sharing their content, offers, and so on. You can even write a great post that mentions their name with a review or quote from their website or an eBook. As you promote them chances are they will be more interested in building a relationship with you online.

2. Discover like-minded people based on reach

There is a way to attract influencers and that is through shared, similar content. Conduct a search for blogs that have similar topics to yours — preferably ones that have a large number of subscribers. The goal is to get noticed based your shared interests such as book marketing tips or small business budgeting.

Use a spreadsheet or something similar to record all of the content that is close to yours. These don’t need to be exact, but in the same topic. The best avenues to accomplish this is through trending posts in your niche, specific hashtags Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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