This 11-Year-Old Genius Is Lending A Helping Hand And Going Viral

By James Kosur

Daniel Liu is quite the inspirational child. He’s only 11-years-old but he’s pulling double duty as a sophomore at Ottawa Hills High and an organic chemistry student at the University of Toledo.

Liu, despite his age, enrolled in high school in 2015 when he was only 10-years-old. In the same year, he beat out 40,000 other students to become the youngest ever winner in the Chemical Education Foundation’s “You Be the Chemist” competition


Not only does Daniel get to claim the win, he was also awarded a $10,000 cash prize which he is using to pay for his early introduction into the world of higher-education.

In perhaps one of the coolest moments in his young life, he also had the chance to meet with Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Daniel became a viral sensation after he offered to help college students in his organic chemistry class with their work if they had questions. A classmate tweeted a photo of the young genius and it spread like wildfire across the internet.


The initial tweet has racked up more than 273,000 Twitter likes in the last 10 months and has been retweeted 142,000 times.

Once his celebrity status was cemented, he became a regular focus of photo taking on campus. Students love having him around and regularly stop Daniel to have their photo taken with the kid genius.


The best part about Daniel’s quick rise to the ranks of a college student? His parents have kept him grounded with high school work. He may be taking college level classes but he’s still being given the opportunity to grow up around kids closer to his own age.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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