These 4 Small Business Trends Are Defining 2017

By Meredith Wood

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There’s something about the promise of the new year. In the aftermath of all the feasting and reveling and overindulging, that makes us do two things: we pledge and we predict Small Business Trends. We make impossible-to-keep diet and exercise plans, assign ourselves ambitious reading lists, and, especially in the world of small business, we make bold claims about the future. This will be the year of virtual reality, we tell ourselves, the year of the driverless car! The promise of it all!

More than half the year later, it’s good to take stock. The diet and exercise plans? They made it two, three months, tops. Anna Karenina is gathering dust on the bedside table. But what about those predictions? Surely they came true?

Well, yes and no. VR goggles aren’t taking over our lives. No self-driving ubers just yet. But a few end-of-year predictions have stood the test of the past eight months. These four trends look like they’re here to stay. Small business owners who find it hard to sort the real advice from the wishful thinking should take notice.

1. Customer relationship management innovation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a millstone around the neck of small businesses. No business owner wants customers to feel like they can’t get a straightforward answer, or to lose business over their customers’ frustrations. Employing round-the-clock customer support staff is expensive, inefficient—and unavoidable.

Until now, that is. Small businesses are quickly gaining access to tools that put artificial intelligence and machine learning to work for them. CRM is one place these tools have started to make a huge difference.

Rather than staffing a support line, businesses are turning to a format more familiar to many of their millennial customers. The chat window. Customers can get answers to their questions in real time. By typing messages to an artificially intelligent “chatbot” that supplies the information they need.

Machine learning algorithms allow these chatbots to become more effective over time. They learn what kinds of words and phrases are most often associated with different issues.

Large companies like Apple have built these bots from the ground up. They’re rapidly becoming available to small businesses as well.

It doesn’t take an A.I. to understand that the future of CRM is not a call center.

2. Small Business Trends: Subject matter expertise

Small businesses in the retail space have taken a pummeling in in the past from big box retailers, and many brick-and-mortar stores have been on deathwatch for a long time. But new research suggests that this trend may be changing.

Big box stores like Walmart and KMart continue to take their licks from online retailers like Amazon, which have them beat on price and convenience.

As big retailers flail against e-commerce giants, smaller retailers with local expertise, curated selections, and great customer engagement and education suddenly have more breathing room.

A growing slice of the consumer market is hungry for information about the products they buy and especially for sustainable products. Big box retailers are nearly unbeatable when it comes to Go to the full article.

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