The Unspoken Genius of Content Marketing

By Rachel Parker

The Unspoken Genius of Content Marketin

Ah, Sunday. My favorite day of the week. For just one day in seven, from morning to bedtime, I unplug from all things business: no computer, no work, no email, no social media, no giving in to “lemme just check this real quick” temptations. Just rest, relaxation, naps, backyard time with the pups, and Formula One racing.

But last Sunday, I made a teeny exception.

Last Sunday, when my friend John Phillippe of Zephyr Salvo texted me this video, I broke my no-business rule just long enough to check it out. And I’m glad I did:

If you’re not in a spot where you can watch this quick one-minute clip from MSNBC, here’s a synopsis: Small business consultant Barry Moltz shares the main reason why businesses aren’t getting referrals, even if they ask for them. The problem, he says, is that we usually ask our clients the “do you know anyone who …” question once we’re done providing our product or service. At that specific moment in time, the odds of said client being able to refer a perfect prospect to us is slim to none.

The secret to getting referrals, Barry continues, is staying top-of-mind, so when that client does come across someone who needs your product or service, as he puts it, “you jump to the front of the line” and they refer you.

Now, ready for the kicker? Here it is:

“We actually can’t sell anything to anybody. We’ve gotta be there when people are ready to buy, and the only way this works is consistent content marketing.”


That, folks, is what content marketing is all about. We show up, day after day, week after week, not with marketing messages, but with engaging, useful content, and when that moment of readiness comes about, we do indeed jump to the front of the line.

Sales Interrupted

The question of how to stay top-of-mind with prospects and referral sources is one that has plagued sales teams for as long as anyone can remember.

Think about the typical sales process. Your sales ace gets wind of a prospect and makes a pitch, only to be told “We’re not in the market for [your product/service] right now.”

Thus begins the oh-so-painful follow-up process, which usually goes something like this:

1 month later:
“Hi there, ready to buy yet?”
[crickets chirping]

3 months later:
“Hi there, ready to buy yet?”
[crickets chirping]

You get the idea.

But what if we followed up not with the same old rehash of “ready to buy yet?” but with rich, insightful resources that actually made those folks’ lives better?

With content marketing, we can.

By the way, this is why your sales team should be the #1 fans of your content marketing. Instead of piping up with “Hey, Bob, just wanted to follow up and see how it’s going …” (we all know nobody ever calls “just to see how it’s going,” right?), we enable them to send an email that goes something like “Hey Bob, when we spoke earlier, you mentioned that your team was having an issue Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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