The Twitter To-Do Checklist For Social Media Marketers

By Ivan Ivanov

The Twitter To-Do Checklist For Social Media Marketers

During the past few weeks, the future of Twitter seems to be hanging in the balance. The stock of the social media microblogging platform is falling, and their active user base numbers don’t seem to be painting a good picture either.

Nevertheless, with the fast paced changes we often experience on social media, you never know whether or not Twitter will blow up again in engagement and user base growth. In fact, it’s quite difficult to future proof your SMM strategy.

If Twitter works for you or you manage an up and coming brand that wants to increase their presence on the platform, you might be noticing a downward spiral of consistently dropping numbers.

To help you avoid this and to further give you tips on how to get the most out of the social platform today, we’ve decided to create this To-Do checklist for you to follow.

The checklist consists of three parts. The first part is focused on the actions you need to take each day to increase your engagement rates and followers. These tips are especially valuable for any new and growing brands.

The second part is built around the content you need to post itself, while the third part is all about reviewing the data, drawing the needed conclusions and adapting your SMM strategy. Without further adieu, here’s the Twitter SMM To-Do checklist for marketers.

The Twitter To-Do Checklist

This checklist is designed to guide you through a day’s work in the life of a social media manager. Based on the Twitter social media platform, it has the purpose to help inspire and give insights to aspiring marketers. In addition, it is also meant to help current social media experts structure their workflow better. Yet, you might want to take only a few parts of it, rearrange it or create your own checklist. At the end of the day, social media marketers all have their own strategies and workflow and what works for some, often doesn’t work for others.

Part #1 – Increasing Natural Engagement via Active Users

• Find New People to Follow

In case you want to keep your ‘following’ numbers at bay you might want to skip this step. Nevertheless, actively adding new followers will greatly increase your chances to boost your own following and further attract currently active users on Twitter.

Re-Tweet/Like Tweets of Active Users

Re-Tweeting is a double-edged sword. You certainly don’t want your feed to be filled with retweets with your original content and posts being overshadowed by your multiple retweets.

Yet, engaging within your industry is always a nice way to increase your own engagement. Nevertheless, instead of simply trying to find the latest news or events happening within your industry to retweet, find active users within your industry that have made a comment on such news and events with an included link and retweet. That way, you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed within your industry. Plus, individuals always tend to like and appreciate receiving recognition and interacting with a brand as a whole.

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